3 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2020

3 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2020


The year is about to come to an end, but that does not mean that we should forget about business and growth. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many investments down, there is still room for establishments to grow even as countries reopen their economies. All you need is to promote your business effectively to the right audience.

These are three of the most effective ways to market your business in this last quarter of 2020.

Define Value Proposition

As you must be aware, you have many competitors you have to defeat to make it in 2020. Running a business with low competition only means that you are in the wrong industry – with very little demand. All you need is to make your consumers trust you more than your competition.

When you define your value proposition, you show clients that you provide value above other businesses in the same category and region. But you will need a clear outline so that they can make informed decisions that you are the solutions they have been seeking.

Reach Out to More Prospects

Reach Out to More Prospects

The type of marketing you choose will either attract customers or chase them away. Your customers want to learn more before they make their purchase decisions. In 2020, you need to educate your consumers about your brand and products to win their trust.


With an efficient Cannabis SEO Success Story you can put your content in front of many consumers, both locally and internationally. People will remember a brand when they see it mentioned many times at various places. The more mentions you acquire, the better you get with trust.

Social media is also another promising source of traffic for your business. According to Hubspot, social media can help you in product discovery, customer engagement, and, most importantly, driving sales, among other benefits. You, therefore, need to rework on your social media channels and optimize them for brand growth.

Employ Data in Your Marketing

Employ Data in Your Marketing

Data is one of the things many startups do not know how to employ. There are various forms of data, grouped into structured and unstructured data. Consumer data can help you to track your customers and retarget your marketing for more reach and boost performance.

If you have consumer data on your business database, you can work it out so that you can draw the best marketing ideas to boost your business performance. You can also import the data to your marketing tools and let AI define your marketing goals and proposition to improve engagement and conversions.

In Summary

As we are about to close 2020, you must be wondering if it is possible to establish and grow your business at this time. You are not alone. The year has been a tough one, but we must survive, and your consumers need you as well. At this moment, you should focus on how to promote your brand so that you can acquire more sales.


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