4 reasons why using a bong might not be the best choice for first-time smokers!

4 reasons why using a bong might not be the best choice for first-time smokers!

If you are a newbie at smoking weed, you need to choose the best apparatus that is safe and healthy for you to use. Instead of choosing a multipart apparatus that has many moving parts, complicated processes, and requires a steady hand, you could consider using a more beginner-friendly smoking method, such as vape pen, joint, or edibles.

Instead of worrying about the various accessories you would need to use to get the perfect smooth hit, you would only have to focus on one or two steps. So what are some of the best beginner smoking methods to use?

We would recommend starting with edibles, vape pens, or joints with E-nail for first-time users. Joints are a good choice because you can buy a pre-rolled joint from a dispensary that lets you smoke only part of it at your leisure. Vape pens are ideal for beginners, since it has no smoke, no clean-up needed, and can be reused as much as possible. You can use vape pens in public and with friends for a discreet and smooth hit that will taste fruity and refreshing! The last choice is edibles – this safe and “healthy” option is one of the best choices for those who do not want any smoke to enter their lungs.

So, as a beginner – what should you avoid? If you are considering trying smoking weed for the first time, we would avoid using bongs, bubblers, or dab rigs for the first few smoking sessions. Curious as to why we say this? Here are the main reasons why using a bong might not be the ideal choice for first-time smokers.

4 reason to avoid using a bong as first-time cannabis smoker

Many moving parts

The first reason that you should avoid using a bong from one of your first smoking sessions is because there are many moving parts. With the bong, you will have the carb cap, the mouthpiece, the downstem, and the bowl – you need to know how all of these parts work together to create the ideal hit. If you mess up one of these parts and you don’t use it properly, it can cause you to inhale burning water or cause you to take too big of a hit.

The hit might be too strong

If you are using a bong, you can get really big hits – which is great for advanced users. However, as a beginner, the strength of this is a problem for beginners. If you are trying to regulate your smoking and only want a small high for your first time, this can backfire if you’re using a bong.

Clean-up process

The third reason to avoid using a bong for first-time users is because of the lengthy clean-up process. You have to make sure that you clean your bong after each use and you clean up any cannabis and water that spilled around the apparatus.

The water can burn your mouth

If you add too much water to the bowl, you may find that you inhale water during the pull – this means that you can inhale burning water or smoke into your mouth, causing a burning and an uncomfortable sensation in your lungs.


If you are a new cannabis user, consider using an easier smoking method than a bong for your first-time session. Avoid using complicated apparatuses and accessories that can cause you to get too high for your first time – instead, stick with vape pens and edibles that are beginner-friendly and easy to use!


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