4 Ways Technology Is Transforming The CBD Market

4 Ways Technology Is Transforming The CBD Market

Technology has changed our lives dramatically. There’s an app for most things these days; we can buy practically anything online, and more than tools, our phones have become an extension of who we are. Technology has done and will continue to do so much for many, including the CBD industry. CBD industry is proving to be the most successful industry in the medical world as its continuously doing wonders not for the humans only but for the animals as well. Visit houseofcoco to more about it.

The CBD market has certainly boomed over what feels like a short period. Maybe it’s because we are the anxious generation, or perhaps it’s because CBD is a safer, non-psychoactive alternative to marijuana, which, among many things, can leave us feeling calm.

Whatever the reason, CBD products are trending. Thanks to technology, the CBD market is transforming itself to give users the best and safest experience they can hope for. The following are just four ways technology is changing the CBD industry.

CBD products

High-quality products

Whether we are looking for the safest CBD vape pens, discounted Kratom, or organic CBD edibles, we have now become accustomed to a level of quality thanks to technology, and rightly so. With technology, producers and manufacturers have no excuse to deliver high-quality products to us.

For years, experts have shared how our bodies can only absorb 10 percent of the concentrate we ingest when we take CBD, which is a significantly small percentage. However, growers are now working towards encapsulating the chemicals found in these plants to deliver more effective and efficient CBD products with technology.

Encapsulation is how cannabinoids can make their way beyond the cell membranes, thus avoiding these cells’ filtering process. In doing so, the CBD products are more potent, and as a result, more clients will choose that brand.


Improved growth environment

For years, cannabis growers have had to deal with large electricity bills due to the essential use of light bulbs to help the plants grow indoors. With LED technology, this is no longer a massive problem because LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient.

Temperature control does not pose much of an issue either because, unlike traditional bulbs, LED lighting does not emit much heat. Growers can become more sustainable too by investing in solar panels to regenerate energy into their plants.

Block-chain technology

Block-chain technology for accountability

Although there are CBD producers who are doing a fine job at transparently delivering high-quality products, there are also those who want to make a quick financial turnaround. Such a reality leaves us, consumers, with an issue because we are not always sure whether the product we are buying is authentic and, more importantly, safe.

With block-chain technology, CBD products are set to become safer and more transparent. There are already tech companies that are working to develop tracking programs for the CBD industry. The idea is that consumers will scan a code and have details about where the plant was grown, how it was cultivated, the lab results, and other essential information.

Tracking software of this kind will help ease users’ minds and keep growers, manufacturers, and brands accountable as they will have to follow a set of standards when proper regulations are set up.

Tracking software

Market research at its finest

Guessing games are no longer a part of marketing meetings. These days, artificial intelligence has made it possible for brands to identify exactly what works and what doesn’t. From law firms to fashion bloggers, everyone uses artificial intelligence to get noticed, and the CBD industry is no exception.

CBD brands can now identify their ideal customer, what color packaging they like, the CBD products they prefer, and more. Brands can quickly learn how they can improve their products, and with ratings being a part of any online shopping experience, consumers can have an easier time choosing the brand for them.

It is not just brands who can take advantage of this data. Growers and producers can use the massive body of research gathered to cultivate in a way that meets consumers’ expectations. Social media is a powerhouse all on its own. CBD brands can use influencers to speak about their products and introduce this natural compound to thousands of potential new customers who might never have considered using CBD products before. the best CBD in the United Kingdom.

This is only the beginning

Although the cannabis plant has been around for thousands of years, the CBD market is still young. There is much that has to be done for products to be up to standard and in line with regulations. For starters, a set of rules and guidelines must be established so that only authentic benefits of CBD vape oil brands can thrive in this industry. It is only in this way that users can be kept safe.

Luckily, the technology industry has a long way to go, as well. Over the last few decades, technology has transformed the world in so many ways and what’s exciting about it is that there is still so much that technology can do to make the world a safer, more sustainable place.


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