5 Best Apps for Photo Editing on Android

5 Best Apps for Photo Editing on Android

Best Apps for Photo Editing today have evolved into very high-end gadgets. Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, must definitely never have thought his phone evolving into what it has today. Today’s phone comes with many features apart from making calls and sending messages.

These days, each and every phone on the planet, more or less, comes with a camera. People want to capture every moment of their lives and use these cameras. The trend to take selfies is still on and people need good photo editors to refine their photos. In this article, we will share some of the best photo editing apps available on Android with you. Make sure to have a good service provider such as Spectrum internet for smooth editing. This is because a few of these apps need a working internet to function. Let’s go!

Google Photos

Google Photos comes as an in-built app in most Android phones. If you’re not up for pro features then this app will do most for you. You will get access to pre-installed filters. Furthermore, you will also have the option of cropping your image or straightening its angles. With Google Photos, you can easily upload your photos on Google Drive. Google Photos is quite seamless and you can use it with ease. All you have to do is tap on the edit icon and you can start editing!


Now, if you’re looking for pro features to edit your photo then Snapseed may just be your best bet. Interestingly, Snapseed is also a Google-owned app. You can edit photos here. There are many tools available to reinforce your photo editing skills. The best part about this app is the plethora of filters it comes with. Simply install it from the Play Store and you can start editing your photos. Even though the app has more advanced features than Google Photos, it is available for free. 

Photoshop Lightroom

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is “the” software when it comes to photo editing. One can do so much more on Photoshop than on the other apps. Now, it is available on Android as well and comes with most of the desktop version features too. This means that you can edit your photos to quite a similar extent as you would on your PC. Note that, you may have to make some in-app purchases since all the features are not available for free. The good news is that if you have a subscription then you can use it across devices!


Prisma is another app worth considering. It is an instant favorite among photo enthusiasts who want to transform their images into artworks. You can transform your images into many art styles that the app comes with. You can also change into an anime character by using this app. Cool, right? Check it out. 


VSCO is another photo editing app that you can use to up your photo editing skills. Use plenty of preset filters here to take your images to the very next level. This app specializes in filters. You can use them to brag in front of your friends. For those who use filters quite often, VSCO is definitely an important consideration. The app does come in handy because it has a very good algorithm to blend the filters in with images. Check it out. You may like it!

These apps are quite good even if you’re looking forward to do professional photo editing. With spectrum home Wi-Fi, which I got along with Spectrum TV in a bundle, I can easily edit my pictures anywhere in my home. On the go, I use mobile networks or reliable public networks to do the same. The convenience is undeniable. You can do professional photo editing right from the device in your coat’s pocket. Check these apps out and you’ll be able to relate! Have fun!


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