5 Cannabis Startups Changing The Business With Technology

5 Cannabis Startups Changing The Business With Technology

As society evolves, and the shifting attitudes about cannabis destigmatize, it makes sense that innovative technology and the cannabis industry merge to meet the 21st-century consumer’s demand. While countries like Canada legalized marijuana nearly 20 years ago, slowly state by state, marijuana becomes legal in the United States. However, the cannabis industry’s late start did not slow growth and interest from consumers and investors alike.

1)  Eaze

Dubbed the “Amazon” of the cannabis industry, Eaze built its business model to ensure the safe delivery of cannabis products right to your doorstep. Eaze is an online marijuana marketplace and technology platform. They partner with dispensaries to provide safe and legal access to cannabis. Eaze continuously improves marijuana accessibility and works with activist groups to decriminalize marijuana use.

2)  Canopy Growth Corp.

Known for its affiliated Brand with Snoop Dogg called Tweed, Canopy Growth Corp. continues to lead the cannabis industry.  From CBD gummies Canada to vapes to oils, Canopy Growth launched in 2014 as one of North America’s first publicly traded cannabis companies. They recently made headlines for their edibles partnership with home and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart.

Canopy Growth Corp

3)  Canndescent

The search for luxury cannabis is over. Cannadescent delivers high-quality marijuana flowers and buds straight to you. Their process for producing the best cannabis includes customizing the growth process at each stage and for each strain. Cannadescent’s products deliver a consistent high every single time. Since its inception five years ago, it have raised over 30 million dollars in funding.



4)  CannaPay

Think PayPal, but for the Cannabis Industry. The haziness surrounding the legalization of cannabis causes many monetary transferring services to back away. However, Cannapay enters the scene as a creative start-up explicitly designed for the transactions between consumers and cannabis companies. They also have a feature that enables you to link your debit card or checking account to the app for easy payments.

5)   MassRoots

Social Media, but for the cannabis community. MassRoots promotes itself as a 420 friendly platform for marijuana enthusiasts to find dispensaries, share photos, and connect to find smoking buddies. The community has grown to over 1 million since its creation, and in 2017, the High Times,  a popular cannabis lifestyle magazine, purchased the company.




With new startups and emerging technologies and the steadfast legalization of cannabis, it creates an innovative forward-thinking industry when the two worlds collide. With ever-evolving technology, wider reach, and a broader audience, the industry will not slow down anytime soon. The budding high quality cbd gummies cannabis industry will continue to grow and reshape how consumers research, purchase and interact with marijuana in the future.



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