5 Effective Van Branding Tips

Vehicle branding can be a fun and effective way to promote your business, providing you get it right. While professional firms can wrap your vehicle, you’ll want to take an active role in the design of your graphics and the overall look of your van. To maximise the impact of your portable marketing, take a look at these five effective branding tips now:

1. Choose the Right Vehicle

Before you wrap your current vehicle, consider whether it’s the right time to upgrade your van. By choosing a newer model, you can elevate your company’s appearance and even choose a van in a colour that will complement your new branding. With The Car Credit Centre, you can find used vans Liverpool to suit all budgets and select a vehicle that will lend itself to signage and graphics.

2. Keep Your Branding Consistent

Branding is an important part of your business, and every element of your brand should represent your company’s personality and values. A consistent brand tells your target audience what you’re able but it also showcases your key attributes and the style of your company. Your vehicle branding should align with your existing brand attributes, including web design or in-store décor, so make sure that your vehicle graphics incorporate your existing logos, imagery, and typography.

3. Include Important Details

When you’re designing van branding, don’t forget to include important details, like your company name, website address and contact details. Remember – potential customers may be viewing this information from a distance and while your van is on the move, so choose a font and colour that’s easy to see and easy to read.

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4. Use Signage on the Front, Back and Sides of Your Vehicle

Your van is a three-dimensional object, so take advantage of the opportunity to promote your business from all angles. You don’t necessarily need to cover the entire vehicle with images, text and graphics but incorporating your branding on the front, side and back of a van will ensure that potential customers can access your details from any vantage point.

5. Use Top-Quality Images and Photography

Whether you’re using graphics or photography, or a mixture of the two, make sure your images are top quality before you arrange for van signage to be created. The quality of an image can decline when the size of the image is increased, so bear this in mind when you’re choosing which graphics or photographs to use. It’s well worth investing in professional image creation or photography as part of the branding process, as this will help to ensure you get the best results.

How Effective is Van Branding?

If you use a van for business purposes, branding showcases your business to a large number of potential customers. With an eye-catching design, you can reach your target audience and even entice them to act by including compelling calls-to-action on your vehicle. While branding a vehicle does require a little investment, you get constant 24/7 advertising in return, which makes it a lucrative form of marketing for a variety of businesses.

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