5 Tech Devices to Use That Will Keep Your Business Safe

5 Tech Devices to Use That Will Keep Your Business Safe

The continuous enhancement of technology has improved the security of many businesses. The information on the significance of having proper cyber security for your business is undeniably extensive. It only comprises part of your organizational security because you also require a physical security system for the safety of your employees and various valuable assets, including your intellectual property and data. Different tech devices can contribute to your business’s cybersecurity and general safety. Below are five tech devices that will maintain the safety of your business.

1. Security Cameras

There are a lot of security cameras to choose from that best suit your business. To install the best one, you should understand the objective of your surveillance system. Below are some questions you should ask yourself before settling on the security cameras:

  • Whether you require hallway or outdoor surveillance
  • The duration that you require to keep the video footage and the type of storage system that you require
  • Whether you only need to observe the behavior of your workers or you want to inhibit any theft from the consumers or employees, or if you want to watch the foot traffic within your office premises
  • Whether you will utilize the cameras throughout or only when the business is open
  • Whether you require cameras with infrared capacity to capture images in dark

Fortunately, due to the improvement in internet connectivity and technology, security cameras are suitable for any level of installation skills and budget. It includes acquiring a hidden camera that you can attach to your workers’ laptops. You can also get a pan tilt zoom camera that auto-records moving objects at an increased definition. It would be best to reach out to a security camera system store for the best advice on how you can protect your business.

2. Smart Speakers

Despite speakers being convenient and fun to use in your business, they can also compromise the privacy and safety of your business. Particular vulnerabilities may enable cybercriminals to spy, hack, or record meaningful office conversations unsuspiciously. By unmistakenly uploading harmful software, new technology allows the hacker to acquire information about the user’s account or record critical information for your business. The good news is that the manufacturers are working tirelessly to prevent such risks. Therefore, it is significant to acquire smart speakers that are up to date with the current technology for the safety of your business.

3. Motion-Activated Lights

A proper lighting system is essential for your business since correctly lit office premises inhibit possible crime and theft. However, it is costly to keep the lights on 24/7 and uneconomical. As a result, you should install motion-activated lights that light electronically. They will also light up your office space when necessary and for a particular period when the movements stop. Additionally, they can be installed together with the security cameras and function outdoors and indoors.

4. Keyless Locks

Most businesses are using keyless lock systems to enhance their security. They are available in three types – electric, mechanical, and biometric.

  • Electronic – It is a keypad that uses electrical current, wired through the electrical business system or an integrated battery. The keypad is usually illuminated and suitable for poorly lit places.
  • Mechanical – This type of keypad is weatherproof and challenging to break, ideal for outside doors in your office premises.
  • Biometric – These keypads are also referred to as keyless fingerprint locks as they use your employees’ fingerprints for access. They are suitable for your business if it requires restricting individuals accessing your office space and intensified security.

5. Wireless Chargers

The use of wires, strange chargers, or outlets in your business can be hazardous. Cybercriminals and thieves utilize such means to infringe the computers and interfere with your data. Therefore, integrating a wireless charging system into your business premises will enhance security. It lowers the danger of connecting to an insecure power source to allow hackers’ access.

Cybercriminals are tirelessly inventing new techniques of hacking businesses. Therefore, your business’s security should be your priority. You can do this with the use of tech devices that are up to date with technology. It will prevent cybercrime and enhance the overall security of your business, enabling you to only focus on your company’s success and having a competitive advantage over your competitors.


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