5 Ways In Which A Tutor Can Aid Students With Exceptionalities

5 Ways In Which A Tutor Can Aid Students With Exceptionalities

Special students or kids with exceptionalities hold a different section of the classroom and comprise of students who have trouble in regards to physical, behavioral, or psychological aspects of the human body. They require special attention and additional educational assistance to cover up for the performance bars with the rest of the class. It is crucial to organize distinctive educational programs and sessions where such students care to interact and share similar interests with their peers. A student with exceptionalities cannot grasp things that are taught in a traditional class environment and hence require special services to help them with the school curriculum. They often get aid from tutors who establish a unique approach and education style to deliver the content in a trouble-free manner so they can efficiently learn things.

Most of the time students with exceptionalities fear others and consider them superior in terms of knowledge and intellect, therefore they feel troubled to raise doubts, comprehending the content, and focus. Hence, many special schools have been established across cities that provide gifted students the opportunity to learn and receive appropriate educational service that helps them get a similar academic experience. A tutor can also bring beneficial changes to the academic schedule of special students by understanding their core requirements and issues they face while studying. This helps the tutor to identify and come up with creative methods to impart knowledge to the student and ensure he/she retains it, via demonstrative academic models.

Here are some of the ways a tutor can help a student with exceptionalities in covering the curriculum and excelling in academics –

  1. Provide A Safe And No-Pressure Relationship: It is observed that students with exceptionalities often fear academics and feel pressure-bounded to match with the rest of the students. It is important that as a tutor, you should encourage them to remain in their comfort zone till they start gaining interest in the curriculum and provide a special understanding of what they feel. Do not pressure-bound them by giving contentious homework that requires a stressful analytical activity.
  2. Assist In Boosting Self-Esteem: Special students usually lack self-confidence and esteem as they panic when compared to a normal student and lose self-reliance. However, a tutor helps you to look at the positive aspects of your academic experience and provide constructive feedback where you have to be hard. They help you set realistic goals and provide enough opportunities to achieve them, in order to boost the self-esteem level.
  3. Assist In Boosting Communication Skills: Most students skip their turns at the time of raising doubts and queries in a filled classroom, due to lack of communication skills or the fear of poor conveyance. A student with exceptionalities often faces such issues and have trouble communicating their thoughts and ideas with their mentor. A private tutor plays an important role here by organizing special sessions where students have to share their opinions on various topics and discuss their ideas to enhance the communication cycle.
  4. Help Humanize Students With Exceptionalities: It is imperative to let students with exceptionalities feel equal and get a similar academic experience as the rest. As a tutor, you can seek their opinions about how they would prefer the curriculum to be taught. Give them enough space to work things out and do what they like, engage them with the topics they are interested in and they’ll be able to grasp things efficiently.
  5. Help Educate Student Beyond Academics: Education beyond the classroom walls is also important for students with exceptionalities as they get to learn how to tackle real-life situations, handle social circumstances, build the sheer feeling of sympathy and empathy. Learning beyond the academic curriculum helps them hone skills such as self-confidence, public speaking, and personality development.
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