7 Courses in 2022 to Enhance Your Technical Skills  

7 Courses in 2022 to Enhance Your Technical Skills  

Since the advent of the internet, technology (software and hardware) has improved at an exponential rate. So it’s no surprise that the field of IT has grown steadily with technological advancements. By extension, we have seen the need for IT-related courses and degrees increase over time, being in high demand today. This trend is only speeding up as IT is well-positioned to become even more prominent in the next few years, with even more disciplines like cybersecurity branching out from it. Today, being tech-savvy is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a choice. Not to mention that taking IT-related courses has also opened up a world of opportunities.

That said, let’s take a look at some in-demand IT courses that will come to the front in 2022, enhance your resume ten-fold, and make it stand out from the crowd!

Number one on this list is cybersecurity, one of the most in-demand courses across the globe. As world leaders moved from traditional conflicts to intelligence and espionage, it gave birth to a new kind of war: cyber warfare. The internet is a wonderful invention, but it can be used for malicious purposes, such as hacking personal and proprietary information. just like any other good thing

As such, a Master’s in Cybersecurity has quickly become one of the most sought after and the most relevant degree programs in the world. Why? Because everyone uses the internet, with the majority of data being stored on cloud-based platforms. Protecting this data, consumer and otherwise, is a top priority for businesses, and they require proficient cybersecurity experts who can do the job for them!

  • Web Development

Developing a website might sound cumbersome, but web developers are in high demand, and the market isn’t as saturated as some other industries (like sales). Also, it can be a work-from-home option for people looking to save some extra money on travel costs. And on top of that, it is a very handy skill to have for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset!

  • Blockchain Development

Blockchain is a more recent technology that gained recognition because of cryptocurrencies. As such, it is still evolving with new skill sets and algorithms. This means that it will probably branch out from crypto at some point and add more services to its impressive platform.

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All businesses need a quick, sure-fire way of conducting their day-to-day transactions. But they also need them to be secure. This is where a blockchain expert can prove to be a huge asset, especially since Covid19 has made sure that businesses transition their accounts online, linking them with the finance sector.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another great career option. It isn’t very technical but does require some meticulous coursework. It offers job safety, high income, and updates on modern marketing trends. It also makes you more future-oriented and opens doors for entrepreneurial roles. Couple that with low costs for digital marketing courses and complete skill development, and we have a career option that is going to add that extra sparkle to your resume!

  • Programming

Programming and coding are two skills that are cross-sectional because they are utilized in many different industries, including IT. Even on a basic level, programming can enable you to read codes written by other programmers and develop a few simple ones yourself. Learning programming basics can also help develop abstract and conceptual thinking. The top 5 programming languages to learn are:

  • C (used for developing desktop software Windows, Unix, and Linux)
  • Python (used for developing codes, data, tables, databases, and macros and is extremely popular in the non-tech work environment because of its simplicity)
  • Java (primarily used for web and mobile app development)
  • C++ (used in conjunction with photo/video editors and for developing graphics interface for games and other media)
  • C# (used for desktop software and game development)
  • Project Management

The modern business world runs on project management, so the demand for project management courses will only increase over time. Project managers are required to have specific IT skills as part of their job description. Acquiring this skill will enable you to productively communicate and execute project management strategies, make you more organized, and build on your skillset to position you as a major asset for modern businesses.

  • AI and Machine Learning

AI uses machine learning algorithms to develop tools and processes that closely mimic human behavior. That makes it an ever-evolving field with its own major and disciplines. AI engineers use AI systems and machine learning for such fields as data science engineering, data-based decision making, and robotics. 

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IT is expanding and evolving with many different disciplines and specialties. So this is not an exhaustive list of courses you can take to increase your skillset. However, the courses mentioned here are chosen based on a few factors such as demand, knowledge base, utility across multiple fields, and job security. Businesses are now shifting towards more data-driven approaches, be that of customer service, marketing, or any other field, to get results. Because of this shift, they now require more tech-savvy professionals to help them out.


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