9 Tech Trends to watch out post Covid-19

9 Tech Trends to watch out post Covid-19

We all know just how much Covid-19 has changed the world. We see the repercussions all around us and are not unaware of how each and every aspect of our lives is now different in one way or another. It is, therefore, no surprise that technology and its use has seen changes too. Whenever it may be, the post COVID world stands forever changed. Let us take a look at the top 9 technological trends that have been put in place or are now setting up to be in place for a post COVID world.

  1. Virtual meetings – The undisputed top trend that has been established and is here to stay is virtual meetings. This duration of the pandemic and the lockdowns have made us realize how a lot of work can be done from our systems, from meetings to talks, and all interactions can be held online. The system may be far from perfect and not even close to facing to face meetings, but it is certainly something that is nowhere to stay. As technology evolves to allow more and more functionality, this trend shall only rise.
  2. Online education – We can see how many educational institutions at the primary, secondary, or even higher education level have deemed it essential not to hold physical classes. While this situation will undoubtedly change once the pandemic ends, it is likely that for feasibility or convenience, many institutions will continue with online education in one form or another. The technology is constantly perfecting itself, and more and more options become available online education will only increase. Therefore it is a technological trend to follow and get on board within the post COVID world.
  3. AI-based communication – With the constant increase in automation, it was only a matter of time that communication-based on artificial intelligence has started to become the norm rather than an exception. Over the last few years, it is being noticed that medium to big scale companies has a first contact that is AI-based. This has become even more common during the pandemic. As the world goes forward, once the pandemic is over, there is a high likelihood that this is a trend that will only see an increase in its usage. This makes it worthy of being seen as a tech trend worth noticing.
  4. Cybersecurity – While this may sound like something that should have been and has been around since the advent of technology all around us, it cannot be ignored that due to the peaking technological use during the pandemic, the question of cybersecurity has again become a burning one. With the number of platforms, devices, and modes of Internet accessibility increasing at such a fast pace, the misuse of the worldwide web has also increased. Finding new and novel solutions in cybersecurity will continue and better itself, even in the post COVID world.
  5. Online shopping – The pandemic saw many people for the first time turning to online shopping. With movement restricted or disallowed in many areas, only the delivery men and women were allowed to move around. Everything from medicine to groceries is being delivered. While this is based on necessity, many people have realized how functionally better it is to get things delivered, especially items that are not readily available in the nearest market. This means that as far as technology trends go, online shopping is only looking to rise at a much faster pace than was believed to be true before the pandemic hit.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – Internet of Things is being about staying connected and having access to a seemingly unlimited amount of data and information through technology. With almost everyone having a smartphone or a smart device these days, it’s going to be even more interconnected in the world as we go forward. This means that understanding and investing in IoT is the most sensible trend and decision today.
  7. Robot/ Drone deliveries – Coronavirus has made us see how crucial contactless delivery can be. Even once the pandemic has passed us, this may become the new norm for delivering many items. This helps reduce the manpower that is required and increases efficiency in a certain set of ways. This means a robot or drone delivery will increase as the time flies as they meet all these above-listed requirements. In the post-COVID world, drone deliveries or robot deliveries will soon start to appear all around the globe at a much more prevalent pace.
  8. Digital payments – The last few years have seen a spike in digital, non-cash payments. However, the pandemic has seen the sharpest rise in these as people do not feel the need to deal in cash. People have realized that digital payments are a much safer option than they originally believed it to be. Thus, once the pandemic passes, a lot of people will continue to indulge in digital payments rather than cash transactions, making a permanent place in the technological trend.
  9. Virtual or Augmented Reality – What was once believed to be used only in games has now been seen to have applications all over the industries and the world. Virtual and augmented reality have become part and parcel of corporate life in many aspects and may soon see itself be a part of the regular life of most people. The pandemic has made people understand how physical presence may not always be possible or even feasible, maybe even required. This makes virtual or augmented reality a channel to tap into to understand places and systems better. This trend is bound to only grow with the passing of time, even once the pandemic is over.

There are many other trends that are being paved as you are reading. The world of technology is ever-evolving and fast pace. What may be at the top today may become insignificant in light of a breakthrough tomorrow. This means we must all stay constantly updated to stay ahead in this field.

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Helen Wilson is a marketing manager at Savah. She is a keen follower of technology and loves to write about the latest trends and tips from the tech industry.


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