All About Ripple That You Want To Know

All About Ripple That You Want To Know

Ripple is an advanced technology that performs two functions at once- it acts as a Cryptocurrency and an online payment platform. Established in 2012, its main motive is to serve as a payment settlement asset exchange. While Ripple is the name of the network platform, XRP is the Cryptocurrency it offers. The main function of this Crypto is to act as a medium of exchange between two currencies. 

Instead of using blockchain mining, Ripple uses consensus instruments that take place through collective servers owned by banks. It is also known to utilise less energy and costs a lot less as compared to Bitcoin. If you wish to know about the Ripple forecast, read this article thoroughly. 

History Of Ripple’s Emergence

Released in 2012 and founded by Chris Larsen as well as Jed McCaleb, Ripple functions on a decentralised peer-to-peer platform. The company experienced tremendous growth of 36,000% in 2018, making a place in the history. 

In the year 2014, Ripple became the second-largest Cryptocurrency network to ever exist. Due to this, its price began to rise and turn double within the duration of just one month. By 2015, more banks started to accept it, and in 2016, Ripple had an impact on NYC while receiving funds in millions. The turning point was back in 2017 when it became recognised as a proper means of payment by the world’s greatest banks. 

Advantages Of Ripple

1.    This Crypto network is known to facilitate innumerable transactions every second. 

2.    People have forsaken worrying about this Crypto and its future state as it works in line with the world’s largest financial institutions. 

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3.    It is currently not in competition with any of the other Cryptocurrencies. 

4.    They have been quite successful in developing an item which several renowned financial institutions demand. 

Disadvantages Of Ripple


1.    While almost all Cryptocurrencies focus on a decentralised economy, Ripple does not believe in the same. This is because it owns about 60% of the entire XRP.

2.    Proper privacy and security are one of its major look-outs, which is not the case for other Cryptocurrencies. 

3.    It is not distributed like other Cryptos in the market. This is because mining is not required for XRP.  

Some Intriguing Facts About Ripple

1.    There is no such rule that you have to acquire XRP if you wish to make use of Ripple. The banks can feel free to make use of this network with just fiat currency. The only reason why people think it is best to opt for XRP is that it reduces costs. 

2.    The labs of this network are known to provide three chief products- xVia, xCurrent and xRapid. They are used to send payments, process payments, and source liquidity. 

3.    They are all set to release approximately 55 billion XRP over the upcoming 55 months. 

The Bottom Line

Ripple is considered the choice for several investors, as it provides the benefit of less controversy and an efficient and speedy process of transactions. Since it has been ranked 8th compared to all the Cryptos, you can see why one should definitely opt for it.


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