Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

A large number of students have learning disabilities, and unfortunately, not all schools have resources to take care of the needs of such children. Every child has the right to learn and grow, but learning disabilities cause hindrances. Learning disabilities can range from dyslexia to autism, and students with these disabilities need extra attention. Teachers can’t pay even equal attention to a group of 30 or more students at a time. Further, schools are not equipped with the right set up to assist such students with learning. This is where you need technology.

Assistive technology can fill the gap. There are a lot of apps – some are paid, and some are free – that you can use to improve reading, listening and speaking skills. If your child also has a learning disability, you will be surprised to know the following apps can help your children cope with learning disabilities. These apps can help them keep up with their peers. Children are the future of this world, and this is up to you how you shape them. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand the learning needs of your children.

Otsimo – an app for special education

This app is based on applied behavioural analysis therapy that provides a personalised curriculum in a gaming style. Since very child needs to study at home, and this becomes the necessity when your child has a learning disability, Otsimo app offers the fundamental education.

  • The app is free to download
  • The app is simple to use
  • Your kids do not need specific instructions to operate it

You do not need to spend much of your time with your kids using the app, and the app will keep your kids busy assisting them with learning.

This is a funny and engaging way to learn about subjects. Most of the children have concentration problems. They fidget very often and get distracted all the time, but this app improves their learning with games. The app does not contain ads and facilitates enrolment in public schools. Here are the other prominent features of Otsimo:

  • The app is featured with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) therapy. It improves children’s behaviour.
  • It also offers alternative communication tools that help your kids focus on less exciting activities.
  • It helps kids learn what the thing looks like and what it is called.

Autism Core Skills

Autism experts have developed an app called Autism Core Skills to help such students utilise their full potential. The app aims to improve academic skills such as reading, social skills and communication skills. This app also teaches kids sharing and following rules. The app offers numerous possibilities for autism children. The app can customise each lesson based on the interest and skill level of your children. You can consider it an all-in-one educational platform because it:

  • Provides pre-academic lessons to help your child gain skills. It can help them be independent.
  • Uses graphics to encourage your children to learn about the topic and things.
  • Can help improve reading skills and memorise spellings.
  • Can help your children communicate effectively with their peers. All communication lessons are personalised based on the ability of your kids.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the app can also help you measure the progress of your kids. You can share this report with teachers too. This app is exclusively designed for autism children. Some teachers use this app in the classroom as autism students can learn things independently, and the app offers everything in a structured way that does not put a strain on teachers.


It is the free iPad app exclusively designed to help students with dysgraphia. It is a symptom of brain disease that produces an inability to write coherently. However, the app helps such students with solving mathematical problems. Children with dyslexia and dysgraphia cannot write legibly. It is almost impossible for them and which is why the face difficulty acquiring new skills. How can your child solve mathematical problems if they cannot understand their writing? Division, multiplications are complex concepts to handle for such students. It is why app experts have created ModMath. It can help any student with dysgraphia improve mathematical skills. Here are the features of this app:

  • It uses a virtual graph paper to present a mathematical problem in a legible format.
  • It also helps students with solving fundamental mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with a pencil-free platform.
  • It can also help students with solving more complex issues like algebraic equations and square roots.
  • It can also help them attach the worksheet to Dropbox, email and share with teachers.

Teachers are using this app in the classroom to provide problems in a more understandable format to kids who have questions with understanding written text. It provides an engaging way to solve complex mathematical problems, and hence children are less distracted.

Articulation Station

Students with learning disabilities often have a problem with the right pronunciation of words. Do not worry because Articulation Station app can help your kids deal with this problem. The best part of this app is speech-language pathologists have created it after taking into consideration the suggestions. This app helps kids with articulation problems identify 22 sounds in the English language. You can buy individual sound programmes, and each carries different prices.

However, if you buy all sound programmes, you will save 18%. This app can help your students understand the sounds of each letter. If you cannot pay for the app as you have lost your job, you should take out loans for unemployed with bad credit to buy all sound programmes – after all. This is a question about the learning of your kid.

If your kids are struggling to learn new things because of disabilities, you can use these apps. Some apps are free, and some are paid. All these apps have unique features and provide an engaging way to grasp the attention of your kids.


Description: Apps that can help students with learning disabilities include Otsimo, Autism Core Skills, Mod Math and Articulation Station.



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