Best Free Educational Apps to Educate Your Kids in 2020

Best Free Educational Apps to Educate Your Kids in 2020

The education system all over the world has undergone multiple reformations over the years. Changes have come in order to make the process of education effective as well as interesting. Nowadays, education, be it for children or adults are not limited to books and institutions. The internet and technology have enabled people to study from computers, mobiles, and tablet devices. Every mobile app development company is trying to come up with new and innovative free educational apps to enhance the learning experience.

Why educational apps are beneficial

App-based education has become quite popular. This has proved to be especially beneficial for the year 2020 due to the pandemic. The lockdown that has been imposed worldwide has completely hindered the institutional form of education. In order to progress with the course, students have to rely on free educational apps and online tuitions.

However, there are many other benefits to these apps. These apps teach things that go beyond the curriculum of traditional learning techniques, feed them with more interesting knowledge and ideas. Children learning apps also give special emphasis on student interaction and engagement which makes learning a fun activity. The top apps for kids are often free making them an obvious choice for any child’s education.

Some of the best educational apps for kids

While there are many educational apps in the market, not all are good and some of them are paid. However, it does not necessarily mean that a good app will be paid. Here are some of the best free educational apps that you can download on your phone or tablet.

  1. Duolingo-Language is the first thing about human development. A child has to learn how to read, write, and speak in order to make further progress. Duolingo is the perfect place to learn any language. It offers over 30 different languages and puts special emphasis on spellings and pronunciations. It also promotes voice-based and image-based learning to make education more interactive and fun. Duolingo also falls under the category of educational apps for adults as they can use these apps to learn a second or a third language with ease.
  2. Epic!-Epic! is one of the best apps for children. It is a digital library that is targeted towards children at and below the age of 12 years. It contains over 35000 e-books, many audiobooks, and videos. The app also provides quizzes, learning games, and other fun activities that can help students enjoy the process of learning. The app mainly focuses on the literature aspect of the course making students develop a knack for reading more books.
  3. Elmo loves 123s-Children who watch cartoons and love the character, Elmo. Hence this app uses their favorite character to teach them the fundamentals of mathematics. It falls under the category for educational apps kindergarten and educational apps preschool. For beginners, the app teaches the first few numbers to the children and how they look. They are shown pictures that they have to trace with their finger in order to complete the exercise. This form of pictographic education which demands the active participation of the kindergarten students really helps them progress. Moving up a little further, preschool students can learn the basics of addition and subtraction, preparing them for their next stage.
  4. Stack the states-This fun app for kids teaches geography in a unique manner. This app teaches as well as tests the general knowledge of children regarding various countries, states, and their capitals. It takes a puzzle approach where the child needs to learn what’s shown on the screen and choose the right answer. Every right answer will let him stack up the different states and he will eventually earn a map. This reward system really helps the young ones to eagerly learn geography.
  5. PBS Kids game-This is one of the best game apps for kids. Children love to play games and this app takes the unique approach to integrate education into the games. The app covers a variety of subjects such as language, math, and science, and encourages reading habits. What sets this app apart from other educational apps games is that it allows the parents to monitor the activity of their child. It can help identify the strong points as well as the weaker areas in your child’s learning habit.

Conclusion- Conventional form of education and only provide up to a certain limit. They are often presented in a boring and tedious manner which is why children start disliking or fearing education. Often more than ever, is the process of learning which they hate rather than learning itself. App-based education can really change how children perceive education and they can actually enjoy learning. Every mobile app development company all over the world is trying to come up with the best learning app for kids and some of them are mentioned here. Give them a try and see if they are actually making a difference.

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