Best Mac antivirus in 2021

Best Mac antivirus in 2021
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Apple devices are known for their great security features. But in the recent past instances have been there when Apple devices suffered cyber-attacks. It has raised the need to guard the Mac against all online attacks. Cyber attackers attack your computer because they want your money and much more. To stop this, we need an antivirus. Below we have discussed a list of top antivirus for your Mac that will protect your data stored in Mac.

List of top-selling Antivirus with download link and price: –



Starts from $35.64


Bitdefender for Mac Starts from $19.99
Kaspersky Internet Security Starts from $13.45 within 30 days free trial
Intego Internet Security for Mac Starts from $39.99
Norton 360 Starts from $6.72 for 1 year
Clario $29.99 with 30 days money back guarantee
Trend micro antivirus for Mac $15.15
Avast Premium Security $16.14 with 60 days free trial
ClamXAV $31.63 with 30 days free trial


  1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

It tops the list because it is a user-friendly tool that resolves all the problems related to Mac. It deletes all the junk files, unwanted apps, and malware which help in the power performance of your Mac. If you are facing speed issues and think that your Mac is not very responsive, then it is recommended to use it so that you can optimize your Mac.

Features of Net Protector Antivirus: –

  • Delete system Junk and unwanted apps and malware
  • Tuneup Mac for better speed
  • Delete tracking cookies
  • Mass deletes unwanted apps, plugging, and extensions.
  • Update all apps in one sweep
  1. Bitdefender


This tool tops the list of Mac antivirus. It protects your Mac against viruses and ransom ware in real-time. It comes with an adware blocking and removal tool which helps you to navigate sites easily. To give you freedom of browsing the content which is geographically restricted Bitdefender gives you a VPN for a fast and anonymous experience so that you browse the content easily.

Features of Bitdefender: –

  • Time machine protection
  • 24/7 cloud-based guard duty
  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Traffic light (browser extension) for safe browsing
  • Bitdefender shields automatically detect and remove the threat.
  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

It is another best tool for your Mac. It tracks all your activities and blocks expected threats so that it does not put an adverse effect on your Mac. It comes with dozens of options that not only help you to prevent your Mac from any threat but also optimizes your Mac. It is one of its types among the competitors which protects you against webcam hijacks.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security: –

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Stops webcam hijacks
  • Encrypted browser for online transaction
  • Password manager
  • Backup option protects important files
  1. Intego Internet Security for Mac

Intego Internet Security for Mac

This tool provides you real-time automatic scans to keep your data safe so that it is not misused by anyone. Its interface is straightforward and is designed in such a way that all can use it without facing any problem. It comes with a firewall for home and hotspot network protection to provide the best security when you are connected to the internet.

Features of Intego Internet Security for Mac: –

  • Real-time scan scans automatically for any threat
  • Identify and block untrusted devices
  • Detects Windows malware and protect Mac from acting as a carrier
  • Automatically scans external drives when mounted
  • Email notification when malware is found
  1. Norton 360

Norton 360

Norton is not a new name in digital solutions. This is the best security tool for gamers as it provides them multi-layered security, therefore, blocks cyber threats. It also comes with a VPN so that you can access any geo-restricted site without disclosing your identity. It does not require a very advanced system configuration to run the tool.

Features of Norton 360: –

  • Crypto-jacking
  • Form jacking
  • Remote Access Trojans (RAT)
  • Reputation Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  1. Clario



Clario is a one-stop solution to protect your digital identity from phishing, malware, unsecured Wi-Fi, etc. It is equipped with ID theft protection and real-time safe browsing to protect you from Unknown and harmful attacks. By selecting this tool, you can save up to 77% secure up to 6 devices. The system requirements are not very fancy and it can be run with decent system configuration.

Features of Clario: –

  • Unlimited VPN
  • Instant ad blocking & anti-tracking
  • 24/7 data breach monitoring
  • Intuitive and jargon-free interface
  • Personal security dashboard
  1. Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security

This tool comes with the capability of countering new threats as soon as they emerge. It comes with the option of using it on 10 devices and if you want to uninstall it from one device and run it on another by retrieving the activation code from the Avast account.  It easily spots fake websites and therefore makes your online shopping experience safer.

Features of Avast Premium Security: –

  • Be instantly alerted to Wi-Fi network weakness and intruders
  • Avoid fake websites for safer online shopping and banking
  • Extra security layer against new phishing
  • Email shield prevents malicious email attachments
  • Scheduled scans with fast results
  1. Trend Micro antivirus for Mac

Trend Micro antivirus for Mac

Trend antivirus is the protection package for the complex threats on your Mac. It blocks web threats and other online dangers and gives you a safe environment to safeguard your privacy. It also prevents your computer from malicious software attacks and blocks harmful websites that can steal your precious data.

Features of Trend Micro antivirus for Mac: –

  • Advanced AI Learning
  • Safeguard against email scams
  • Secures privacy on social media
  • Protects and manages passwords
  • Fixes and optimizes systems
  1. ClamXAV


It is a highly trusted tool that you can use on your Mac and can secure your data. It detects threats and vanishes to keep your Mac safe and out of danger every time. It takes care of your Mac by giving you real-time protection and fight against intruders. It automatically updates the virus definitions so that it can be one step ahead of the attackers.


Features of ClamXAV: –

  • Cleans Mac and do not pass security threats to anyone else
  • Automatically updates virus definitions
  • Stop pop up adverts
  • Good interface
  • Fast results with deep scanning

Conclusion: – We have discussed the entire top-selling antivirus for Mac. They come with advanced features and avert all the possible threats by providing you a deep scan and real-time protection. These all tools are designed in such a way that they do not cover much space on disk. You can choose any one of them which suits your needs and then let us know about your experience in the comments.


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