BTS432E2 Datasheet, Features and Application

BTS432E2 Datasheet, Features and Application

BTS432E2 is an electronic switch integrating multiple protection and control functions, suitable for various applications, such as battery management systems, electric tools, motor drives, power management, etc. 

BTS432E2 Datasheet


Basic Information

Processing Signals: Analog Signals

Conductivity Type: Bipolar

Integration Level: Medium Scale

Type: Communication IC

Maximum working temperature: +150℃

Minimum working temperature: -40℃

Package/Case: TO-220

Package: Reel

Supply current: 1.1mA

More information: Infineon BTS432E2 Switch ICs

BTS432E2 Features

Load dump and battery reverse: BTS432E2 has a load dump protection function, which can respond quickly to avoid system damage when the output current suddenly increases or decreases. In addition, it prevents reverse connection of the battery, protecting the circuit from wrong battery polarity.

Clip-on Negative Voltage Output: The device has the ability to clip-on negative voltage output, which means that the switching state can be maintained even if the output voltage is lower than ground, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the system.

Short-circuit protection: BTS432E2 has a built-in short-circuit protection mechanism. When the output terminal is short-circuited, it will quickly cut off the output to prevent excessive current from damaging switches and other components.

Current Limit: This device limits the maximum current through the switch, preventing system overload and damage. This is helpful for managing high current loads and preventing current spikes.

Thermal shutdown: The BTS432E2 has a built-in thermal shutdown function that monitors the chip temperature and cuts off the output when the temperature reaches a certain threshold to prevent damage from overheating.

Diagnostic Feedback: The device is capable of providing diagnostic feedback information such as output status, fault conditions, etc., to help users understand system operating conditions and problems.

CMOS Compatible Input: The input of BTS432E2 is CMOS compatible, which means that low-level logic signals can be used to control the switch, reducing the power consumption of the control circuit.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection: Electrostatic discharge may damage electronic devices, BTS432E2 has electrostatic discharge protection function, which can protect the switch from damage when an electrostatic discharge event occurs.

Loss of ground and loss of VBB: Even in the event of loss of ground or VBB voltage, the BTS432E2 can still maintain normal operation, ensuring continued protection of the system in unstable power conditions.

Overvoltage protection: When the input voltage exceeds the specified range, BTS432E2 can detect and cut off the output to prevent damage to the system caused by overvoltage.

Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage Shutdown with Auto-Reset and Hysteresis: The device is capable of shutting down the output when the input voltage is too low or too high, and features auto-restart and hysteresis to keep the circuit stable within the proper voltage range.

In conclusion, the BTS432E2 is a feature-rich electronic switch with various protection, diagnostic and control features to protect the system from failure and damage in various applications.

BTS432E2 Applications

BTS432E2 has flexibility and reliability in various applications and can be used to control and protect different types of loads. Its integrated diagnostic feedback, multiple protection functions, and the ability to replace relays and discrete circuits make it an essential part of modern electronic systems. Whether it is vehicle electronics, industrial automation, power management or other fields, BTS432E2 can play an important role.

Microcontroller Compatible Power Switch with Diagnostic Feedback: The BTS432E2 can be used in power switch applications integrated with microcontrollers. Its diagnostic feedback function provides the microcontroller with information about switch status, load conditions and possible faults. This application is suitable for systems that need to monitor and manage loads, such as vehicle electrical systems, industrial automation systems, etc. No matter in the environment of 12V or 24V DC power supply, BTS432E2 can reliably control the ground load to ensure the stability and safety of the system.

Suitable for various load types: BTS432E2 is suitable for various load types, including resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. This makes it effective in controlling and protecting loads in different applications, whether in power tools, motor drives, battery management systems, or other areas that require precise control.

Replacement of relays and discrete circuits: The comprehensive features of the BTS432E2 make it an ideal replacement for traditional electromechanical relays and discrete circuits. Traditional relays have problems such as mechanical action noise, life limitation, and electromagnetic interference, while BTS432E2 works in a solid-state manner, avoiding these problems and providing more stable performance. In addition, combining discrete circuits into a single integrated device simplifies design and reduces component count, thereby reducing system cost.


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