Call of Duty: War-zone Guide – Tips, Secrets & Survival Guide

Call of Duty: War-zone Guide – Tips, Secrets & Survival Guide

Call of Duty: War-zone was unexpectedly released for everyone and the players did not immediately understand due to the lack of guides: how to start playing solo, how to participate in a pair, and not three players, how the rarity of weapons affects the gameplay, what is the Gulag, are there any new mechanics in the new battle royale and so on.

The following post “Guide to Call of Duty: Warzone-Hints, Tricks, Techniques, and Survival Guide” offers answers to all of these questions for beginners. The basis for this post is given on the VG 24/7 website.

Yet there are a few items to be explained before we continue. Warzone is completely open and supports Mac, PS4, and Xbox One cross-platform gameplay. To play XBX One, you need XBX Live Gold, though PS4 doesn’t need PlayStation Plus. However, an Activision account is required, in all situations, to access the version from the PC from either the official website or from the BattleNet app.

Duty Call Owners: The Battle Royale mode is available straight from the menu. Modern Warfare app. We do have other advantages, including skin shift, combat pass update, and so on.

If you’re new to the battle royal genre, or only coming out of Apex Legends, Blackout, Fortnite, and PUBG, you’ll find some tips below for staying on the game.

Your Health will Automatically be Restored

The healing object feature in Battle Royale games has almost completely been replaced by Warzone. Just like traditional multiplayer Modern Warfare, if you do not fight for a few seconds, your health is automatically restored to the maximum.
You can also find Stim Shot object. It spawns in a tactical slot and heals when used immediately. This is the only item in the game that looks like an emergency kit.

It is also worth noting that hp regeneration is not available inside the gas ring.

Mechanics of Parachute

Getting away is not a problem in Warzone either at the start of a match. However, the parachute regulation here must also be used.
As with PUBG, the lines can be “pulled” for pace and distance changes. You know, however, the possibility of any time cutting and opening the parachute? Reducing the lines will give you a little speed boost and better landing afterward.

This app can be used as much as you want. It allows hitting the target point fast before competitors.

Call of Duty war zone

Pick up all the Ammo

Warzone has no inventory as compared to PUBG and Apex Legends. Since a small number of guns can only be picked up, ammo is simpler.

You will carry and accumulate all sorts of ammunition before you have exceeded the limit of each type. You will only be using the Flare Launcher or a Snipper Gun, but if you need them, it is handy to use the ammunition.
In Warzone, the munitions are five kinds: Assault Rifle / LMG, SMG / Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and last Flare Gun Ammo.

You don’t have something like that to complain about the caliber here. Then, remove all explosives along the way.

Weapon Rarity

Warzone does not have the usual PUBG and Apex Legend weapons mining, mechanics. Alternatively, a more comprehensible game, reminiscent of Fortnite, is added.

You may find various variants of a weapon with various rareness when searching one place: normal, unique, uncommon, etc. A rarity with a little diamonds is identified by the name, and the smallest means the arm is “naked” absolutely. The rarest one, like a sight, a larger clip, and others, everyone has five mounts.

For eg, technological damage is expected to be equivalent to all M4s of various rarenesses. It might not always be valid, though, depending on the assemblies mounted. A few barrels such as an extended barrel or a certain suppressor, increase/decrease damage over distance. Because of this, rarer weapons may be less effective at long range and more powerful at close range, or vice versa.

Call of Duty

Marking system

Anyone who played Pinnacle Icons knows how valuable it can be. The war zone loses nearly all of this program. The war zone costs.
You can select a location on your comrades’ map by clicking on a button, highlight a given item, and mark the specific destination.

This is particularly useful in the war zone due to its intersection because it is impossible to type text or use voice chat quickly.
Sadly, this device scope was not passed from Apex Legends by the developers. You can’t say the friends, for example, “somebody’s gone here.”

Armor System

All players spawn with two armor segments at the start and each time they respawn. One segment is equivalent to 50HP, which means you have 200HP at the start.

Plates of armor can be found as loot on the map, and sometimes when killing enemy players. You can carry up to five spare segments with you, which can then be applied to your recovery vest.

You must always be careful enough to use them properly. A single armor plate regenerates a full portion. Let’s say you have one and a half segments left, then applying one will increase the stripe to two and a half.

The money is there

Almost everything you do at Warzone comes in money. When enemies have died you can still find money as a reward.

We can also gain money by entering into contracts. There are a few short tasks that can be disabled for different activities. Three forms of them are currently available: Bounty, Recon, and Scavenger.

When you call killstreaks, buy drop kits, or retrieve dead teammates, cash is required. It’s always nice to have more than you need in this case.

The whole team’s contract

As mentioned above, Warzone is home to three forms of contracts: Bounty, Recon, Scavenger. Bounty instructions to remove a certain player whose name is listed on the left-hand side of the screen in the user interface. When you open your map, you will see an approximate location of a small yellow circle.

Recon Contracts are simply small areas that you need to win to earn the payout. Scavenger will eventually tell you to open three looting boxes marked on the map.

The positive thing is that all members of the team will contribute to contract advancement and each is compensated with a monetary prize. Therefore, there is always something to do in between shootings.

How the GULAG works

Your first death in a match, if it is early enough (about 60 players left), will send you to the GULAG. There you will be forced to fight another 1v1 player who also died.

Other dead comrades can also cheer you up from the stands and even throw stones – although they do no damage.

The winner comes back to life without weapons and cash. The loser, however, still has a chance to rejoin the match if his allies pay the ransom at the Purchase Station (Supply Station).

Drop Kit is the only way to get perks

Modern Warfare multiplayer perks are also available in Warzone, but they are obtained using drops (AirDrop Kit, Loadouts).

The latter can be called artificially at the purchase station, or wait until it falls from the sky. In any case, the player is guaranteed to get the weapons and perk that he is used to in multiplayer. But it’s worth noting that not all of them work the same way as in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode.

Final Word In Call of Duty: War-zone, how can I play solo or duo?

You have to change the element “fill” to “do no fill” to act as a solo or duo in Call of Duty: War Zone. This icon can be seen in a screenshot below. You may invite a player into a party, play together or start alone by setting “do not fill.” But, this way you ‘re only going to compete for the three squads.
It is everything. Please leave them in the comments if you have any additions or suggestions.



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