Child Custody: Questions To Ask A Lawyer To Work With

Child custody can be the most draining discussion about filing for a divorce. Both parties would fight for their right for their children, of course, it is their blood and flesh, hence they will do everything so they can be with them as they grow older.

Hiring a good lawyer, like from Tumolaw Child Custody Lawyeris what you need to do if you want to make sure that you can get a fair chance of getting your child’s custody.

But of course, hiring too soon is something you have to avoid, especially that there are a lot of lawyers out there who will promise you of a positive result, but end up not even giving you a fair chance of fighting for your right for child custody.

Before you finally give in to any lawyer’s service, one thing is a must, you have to ask them all questions related to this service and make sure that the answers they provide is something that satisfies whatever you want to happen from this case.

There are a lot of questions you can ask a lawyer to hire, but just to give you a few of the most important, read below:

  • When can I get the result?

Giving you an exact date may be impossible, but at least, the lawyer should provide you an approximate time as to when the case will end. Through their experience, they should be able to provide you with a rough estimate as to how long cases as such come to an end.

When can you get the result? Of course, you want to get the result the earliest time possible, especially that you want to be with your child immediately, but just to break the bad news, it is not fast all the time.

  • How much do you charge?
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Before you hire any lawyer, ask first how much they charge. Sure, you do not want to win the case but end up with a broken bank account because the lawyer you hire is charging too expensive professional fee.

Do not worry as there are lawyers out there that are not charging expensively yet giving you a good and honest service. You have to understand that the service rate of the lawyer is not a basis to determine who is better in this field, hence choose according to their reputation and not just with their rate.

This question is good to ask especially for people who are short in budget but genuinely want to get the custody of their children.

  • What are my chances getting my child’s custody?

Unfortunately, the lawyer cannot give you a 100% assurance that you can get your child’s custody. But, based on the story you will share, including your capabilities and capacity to take care of your child, they will already have an idea on your chances of winning your child’s custody.

You may also want to ask the lawyer on things you need to do and prepare to get stronger chances of winning this case.

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