Conference for the World Business Development

Conference for the World Business Development

The Development Corporation hosted a meeting of a working group to prepare for the International Business Days conference, which will be held in Petrozavodsk in October this year. Within the framework of the conference, a plenary session, practical seminars and training, B2B meetings, and the exhibition of export-oriented enterprises “Made in Karelia” will be held.

The main topics will be considered issues related to the support of regional exporting companies in entering foreign markets and attracting foreign partners to the republic.

The event aims at fostering enlarged Karelia export potentials as well as widening dialog with state authorities to eliminate regulatory barriers and to improve the quality of funding for export operations by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to promote goods and services to international markets for regional firms.

The principal objectives of the conference are:-

To educate businessmen of the republic about prospects for business growth abroad;

The recruitment of international partners and investors in Karelia;-

  • recognition of pressing issues in emerging republic export and investment activities;-the development of a forum for direct collaboration and positive engagement between event organizers.
  • delegates from SMEs involved in exporting operations from the Republic of Karelia;-
  • international businessmen and co-operation experts and future participant look for joint project initiatives;
  • The conference will take part in this meeting;
  • International business missions participants;-
  • federal and provincial authority members, city governments;-
  • leaders of small and medium-sized enterprise community sector services organizations and associations;
  • Forum organizers: the JSC Business Company of the Republic of Karelia, the Export Support Center of the Republic of Karelia, the Karelian Ministry of Economic Growth and Industry

The conduct of foreign operations relies on the goals and means of carrying out an activity with the physical and social conditions of a dynamic business and social climate. The activities affect the physical, social and competitive atmosphere and are influenced by this.


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