Cybercriminals attack data more and more often

Cybercriminals attack data more and more often

Cybercriminals attack data more and more often, and their attacks are becoming more dangerous day by day. They pose a threat not only to large companies but also to smaller businesses and organizations. However, you can prepare for any cybercrime. Foremost, it’s important to know your weaknesses. What are the biggest threats and how to counter them? Read on to find out more!

Top 5 Threats List!

When preparing to fight an opponent, it is worth knowing all your weaknesses and vulnerabilities that he can exploit. We present a list of the top 5 threats to each database!

  1. Weak passwords – One of the most essential data security features is passwords. It’s good to know that the more complicated and illogical, the more difficult it will be for cybercriminals to break. Therefore, simple combinations of numbers or trivial phrases should be converted into passwords consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and also special characters.
  2. Lack of trained staff – without trained staff dealing with cybersecurity, it is difficult to ensure data protection. Therefore, it is worth getting interested in the Cyber Range platform which is a safe place for individual and team exercises. The offer is great both for amateurs and professionals.
  3. Lack of adequate access control – each company should check who has access to specific databases. Under no circumstances should they be made available to random people or on computers accessed by people outside the workforce.
  4. Suspicious links – All employees should be warned against accessing suspicious links. Such links are very frequently sent both in private messages and to the company’s email account.
  5. Malicious software – as a result of the aforementioned negligence, malicious software may appear on company computers. To protect yourself against it, it is worth equipping your company with appropriate antivirus software.
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How to secure company data?

The best way to prepare for a cyberattack is through regular training of cybersecurity staff. Unfortunately, hackers are constantly investigating how to hack into databases. They use their knowledge of defence techniques against such attacks. That is why it is so important for every company to have a team of specialists experienced in cybersecurity. Thanks to the access to training on a secure Cyber Range platform, employees can take part in regular training in a specially prepared arena. It is there that, under the supervision of experts, they can gain theoretical and practical skills, which will be used to protect the company.


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