E-Commerce Technology: Changing The Future Of Cannabis

E-Commerce Technology: Changing The Future Of Cannabis

The cannabis online market has been marked by slow growth due to restrictions on the marketing and selling of cannabis. However, with the increasing legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, things are changing, and the cannabis industry is slowly embracing e-commerce.

The increased cultivation and growing demand also mean that physical stores must find alternative ways of reaching the market. Retailers have turned to e-commerce to maximize sales.

E-Commerce Technology Cannabis

Due to this growth of e-commerce, you can now order CBD edibles and have them delivered right at your doorstep. Such approaches have made it convenient for individuals who rely on medicinal cannabis to manage chronic conditions.

Cannabis e-commerce is growing and transforming the industry both online and physically.

How e-commerce is Changing The Future Of Cannabis

1. Retail Apps

In the past, it was difficult even to buy cannabis from a local gas store. You had to know someone who knew someone to get a joint behind some convenience store. Not anymore! Now you can buy cannabis right from your phone. The way people buy cannabis has changed suddenly with the increase in legalization.

Retail Apps

Vertically integrated point of sale platforms is also on the rise. This technology allows the integration of all links in the supply chain. This means that it is now possible to trace the movement of cannabis from the origin of the initial seed to the final consumer.

E-commerce technology has also made it possible for small businesses that cannot obtain the required dispensary licenses to sell their products. For example, there are B2B fintech-based solutions that enable dispensaries and brands to connect.

The best example of a B2B tool is LeafLink, which offers an online wholesale weed management portal. The company operates in several states in the U.S., including Washington, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

There are also marketing automation platforms that connect business-to-business. In this category are companies that offer marketing, sales, and eCommerce services. Baker is an excellent example that deals with seed-to-sale services.

Growers have also upped their technology with services such as automated growing kits that allow them to control their gardening services right from their smartphones. There is also cannabis growing augmented reality Apps that use the phone camera. With such Apps like Snaphash, growers can find tips for harvesting and other activities right from their phones.


2. Delivery Services

Transporting cannabis has always been a problem. Some states only allow the sale and distribution of medicinal marijuana. So, if you cannot pick your product personally, getting it to you might be a problem. Some states require that you produce a subscription note if found in possession of cannabis products.

Delivery Services

Delivery will no longer be a problem, which is excellent for people with mobility problems and use cannabis for pain. There are now services that specialize in cannabis delivery.

The cannabis delivery business is on the rise with specialty delivery services offered by independent providers. Take Greenrush and Eaze, for example, which coordinate marijuana delivery for local dispensaries using hired drivers.

3. Personalized Products

Many people often struggle to find the best strain of cannabis. Most mortar and brick retailers tend to indicate THC and CBDs amount in their products, but they might not always be accurate. Moreover, if you buy your product from different suppliers, it isn’t easy to find the same concentrations for the products.

Personalized Products

For people who rely on a strict marijuana dose, these different amounts of concentrations can cause problems. You will have to calculate and adjust your dosage every time you purchase a new supply. Technology has now made it possible to have tailored blends of cannabis that meet your individual needs.

If you thought that cannabis eCommerce growth is only happening at the top, you are wrong. There is also a lot of growth happening at the smaller scale. If you are looking for a particular cannabis strain, you have places you can go to and get reliable science-based evidence. PotBotics is such a platform with a special focus on patients looking for medical marijuana.

4. Online Medical Prescriptions

If you thought getting your supply has become easy, the even better news is that getting your medical prescriptions will even get much easier. Meadow and HelloMd are some of the service providers in this line.

These services connect cannabis users with a doctor online. The doctor will assess your condition and reach a diagnosis. If you meet the criteria, you will get your prescription.


The cannabis industry has been a difficult one to wade even for well-established, experienced businesses. In some places, the law is unclear, and you might find yourself in trouble for possession even when you have a medical prescription.

Things are changing, though. Technology has changed so many things, from production to consumption. Many people do not have to worry about going out to get their dosage if they are running low on supply and forgot to stock.

Retailers are also benefiting from the technology as they can now offer tailored services. Farmers can also meet the strict growing conditions of the plant and maximize production, thanks to technology.


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