What Every Parent Should Know About Online Learning

What Every Parent Should Know About Online Learning

Most parents have numerous questions about online learning. Parents wonder about what impact this style of learning may have on their children. How will it affect their education and development? How can it be properly monitored?

Studies have shown that parents frequently take on the role of teacher at some point or throughout their child’s schooling years. Online learning is a great way for parents to take a supportive role in their child’s education, while guiding their at-home learning activities.

In this article, we at the Strategic Learning Clinic will outline the advantages of online learning and the tips in which you as a parent can help to maximize your child’s potential while learning at home.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning

  1. Plan Ahead- Technologically and Emotionally

Setting up a new study or learning environment may be stressful for children. They may be worried or anxious and tend to pick up on the parents’ stress as well while getting started with a new system. It is important to know that it may take some time for the child to acclimate to the new at-home learning routine, and not all sessions (especially initially) may go according to plan.

Keep yourself prepared for any technical glitches as well, as some are bound to happen when working remotely. It is best to be proactive and have a backup activity to keep your children engaged until the technical issue is resolved.

  1. Set Objectives

Whether learning online or in person, every curriculum has specific learning objectives that a child is meant to achieve. Objectives are different for every child and their needs and learning difficulties. Objectives are set in order to set up children for success, whether the goal is to develop a new skill, to understand a new topic, or to develop social connections with peers. Be sure to define clear objectives for what you would like online learning to achieve for your child, what curriculum needs to be covered, and how you as a parent can support their new online learning experience.

  1. Make a Routine
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Children work well with structured routines. Here are a few suggestions in order to help & familarize with online learning for kids  with a new schedule and stay on top of their work:

  • Schedule online sessions for the same time during the day or week, so children become accustomed to a set schedule.
  • Work together to outline any expectations and goals for completing schoolwork.
  • Preview assignments and lessons, and never miss out on any online live sessions.
  • Review and reflect on your child’s day by asking them to show you what they worked on, and ask them questions about what they learned.

Online tutoring does not necessarily mean that your child is only learning in front of a screen. At the Strategic Learning Clinic, our tutors focus on achieving a variety of outcomes and you should expect that those activities will be customized depending on your child’s learning style. Activities range from being given several online links to follow at your child’s own pace, completing independent work offline, or being asked to complete some practice work.

  1. Create the Right Environment for Learning

As online learning is becoming more common and long-term, it is a great idea to set up a specific space or work area for your child’s online learning sessions. Make sure they have a proper desk and spacious area for learning and completing assignments. This way, the child will be organized and attentive for online learning sessions. Encourage your child to decorate the space if they wish, to help promote ownership of their work area and feel comfortable to spend time at their desk.

  1. Keep Distractions at a Minimum
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In a physical classroom there are so many inevitable distractions. With at-home learning, there are distractions as well such as loud siblings, toys, pets, gadgets, etc. Try to keep the child’s learning space quiet and as free from distractions as possible. Be sure to keep the television off and tablets away during online learning times as well. Help to keep the room and home quiet so your child can focus to the best of their ability. The best way to keep your child focused is by keeping them busy with tasks that can be completed off the computer.

Every child is unique when it comes to their learning style. So, as a parent, it is important to figure out what works best for your child. Online learning can be tough on parents, especially at first. Developing a constructive and productive environment at home is most important to make sure children learn well online.

At the Strategic Learning Clinic, our tutors will keep your child engaged and focused no matter what the child’s learning style or disabilities. Learning plans are tailored to each child, and the benefits of learning online can be so advantageous and wonderful for any child struggling with their schoolwork. So, get in touch with us today and enroll your child at the Strategic Learning Clinic!




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