Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Growing Marijuana

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, marijuana can be a fun and rewarding plant to grow. However, it can be challenging and requires patience, time, and money. However, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you start growing. From ensuring you can grow where you live, to choosing the right seeds, to gathering all the supplies you’ll need, we’re here to help.

It can be difficult for many first-time growers because, as cannabis was illegal for so long, much of the information on growing has been passed down by word of mouth. Not to mention, plenty of this information is all about maximizing harvests, training plants, and investing an ample amount of time and effort to get a huge yield.

However, not all growers want to invest all their time and money into growing. They just want to have fun while growing a couple of plants. This article will cover the basics of what you need to know to get started and have some fun. With these tips, the journey of growing weed can be relaxing and therapeutic.

Before you do anything with cannabis, make sure it’s legal where you live.

Sixteen states have legalized marijuana cultivation for recreational purposes at the time of this writing. However, some other states have legalized growing cannabis with a medical card. Not to mention, your local town or city may have their own permits or requirements to start growing at home. So, before you start growing cannabis in your household, it’s important to double-check its legal status in your state and city.

Find a top-quality seed bank to set yourself up for success.


It’s important to always get your seeds from a reliable seed bank as your seeds are the building blocks for your cannabis plants, and poor-quality seeds produce poor-quality weed. Royal Queen Seeds, for example, is a popular choice because it is well known and recognized as a high-quality product. Where the seed bank is located is also a crucial factor in your potential seed bank. If you purchase seeds from a company located outside of the country, you risk having your seeds confiscated when they pass through customs. If you’re struggling to find the best seed bank to start growing, check out the top USA seed banks from AmericanMarijuana.org.

Choose suitable soil for your cannabis plants.

Soil is another critical factor in growing marijuana. If you’re using the wrong soil, your plants will not get enough air to their root systems. You’ll want soil that’s well-balanced, has excellent drainage, and has no additional fertilizers. The only time you’ll need to worry about the pH balance of your soil is if you’re making your own organic soil. As for drainage, if your soil doesn’t drain well, your plants may drown when you water them. Finally, too much fertilizer will burn young cannabis plants and kill them.

The best choices for any first-time grower are standard potting soil or coco coir. These growing mediums have the proper pH balance, drain well, and don’t contain additional fertilizers.

Gather the best supplies for indoor growing.


Our last tip is to ensure you have a proper setup indoors for your cannabis plants. If you have a large, well-ventilated area in your home to grow, then perfect. However, if you don’t have a room you can dedicate to growing, you’ll need to invest in a grow tent and grow light. These items are vital to creating the perfect environment for your plants to grow. A grow tent and light will help you regulate your plants’ temperature and ensure they have the light they need. Also, don’t forget to include a fan or two to move the air around to prevent mold growth.

It’s time to start growing!

Remember to check your local laws, find a top-quality seed bank, choose the proper soil, and get the right supplies to start growing. With these tips in mind, you’ll have a fun and exciting growing season.


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