Get easy to Read Books with New Application

Get easy to Read Books with New Application

It’s practically a book nerd’s duty to discover new ways to read books at any time. How else would we know the best ways to read on a rainy day, a crowded train, or while de-stressing during a chaotic week? Luckily for us, there are some great apps available to make reading, keeping track of your TBRs, and listening to audiobooks easier than ever! Plus, some that are just plain fun.

So, without further ado, here are six of the best book apps for your reading experience!

The 5 Best Books to Download Apps for Reading Books


We may be biased because when we actually speak to anyone about something, we are obsessed with using Bookmoji. With this button, you can shimmy * with general geek fun games, new monthly added emojis, and exclusive theme packs for our favorite fandoms! We’re guilty of so much hair change from Evangeline.

This keyboard software contains a collection of YA emojis, GIFs, and stickers that have been specially selected and produced by us for book nerds and fun!

2. Goodreads

We know that you know Goodreads already, but it should be replicated as the software simplifies the use! You will checkbook covers to read reviews immediately and place them on your shelves, collect user tips, search books and genres included, see what your peers say about them, and order books directly from them.

In fact, in the entire Goodreads collection, you can browse, rate, and review every book. It lets you monitor all the books you want to read and learn, you can check the status of your books and take part in their competition of annual reading! If you do that already, see how successful you’ll really be. We also love that through the Goodreads app you can talk all things books through messages, reviews, groups, and recommendations!

3. Libby

Meet Libby. Meet with Libby. Were you aware that there were thousands of ebooks and audiobooks in your local library? You can borrow them directly, free of charge using the computer and software in your pocket! Your passport and the nearest library are what you need. Look?! Cake piece.

You can buy a book with only a few taps by using the Libby app. It has an incorporated ebook reader and a playlist for your audiobook! Plus, you can submit books to your Kindle directly for reading if you want. The Libby App helps you to register with many libraries, stay registered as long, download or stream libraries for offline browsing, sample books, etc. with one or more library cards, Read graphic novels and picture books on zooming and consolidate in a convenient store all your holds and loans! You can sign titles with scores, link loans, and bookmarks and track the entire history of your reading. The possibilities are endless, and we love libraries all on the go with this app.

4. Serial Box

Have you ever wanted to see your favorite shows in reading a series? Well, Serial Box is a brand new medium for the storytelling of shows, that brings everything you enjoy reading about TV.

Events, weeks after weeks, reveal the tales here. We are easy to pick up, episodes in audio and text are available, and yes, we can be enjoyed alone but they are always ready to share a broader tale during the season.

The serial box team claims that reading will be as easy, quick, and fun as the best television shows. Like your favorite series, Such serials are arranged in 10-16 seasons with a listening or reading time of about 40 minutes each. Every year a new season takes place and every week a new show. We are fast-paced and full of character, as the app aims to deliver your fiction of the highest quality in a brand new and thrilling type.

5. Litsy

What’s the only thing almost as good as reading? Sharing all your fave things about all your fave books with friends! Litsy lets you share and discover your favorite books as readers, and it’s great because you know the recommendations are coming from real people you follow and respect.

The community is full of passionate readers, authors, and influencers who create short posts about all of their reading moments. It’s almost as if you combined Instagram and Goodreads into one social experience. Since enjoying a book has no end, Litsy is totally mobile and allows you to capture whatever bookish thoughts you have, whenever you have them. It also makes it easy to fall into a rabbit hole of book nerdy fun, browsing your feed wherever you are. When you find a book that catches your interest, add it to your stack! Litsy also features a “Litfluence” scoring program, which is a fun and validating way to show you that they know what you’re saying matters. It’s all fun, simple, rewarding, and super easy to use!


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