How 5G will change the future of the IT industry

How 5G will change the future of the IT industry

Before we get onto the 5G network and its impact on the future IT industry, let us introduce you to its ancestors.

The 5G network goes all the way to the 1G network, back in 1983. That’s nearly 40 years ago!

1G network allowed two cellular phones to connect to each other. 2G network-enabled sending messages via SMS. After that, came the 3G network, which gave us the mobile internet. The better version of the internet function came with the 4G network.

So, what will the 5G give us? Carry on reading, and find out!

The 5G network became quite popular in the last year. People like discussing it, no matter the context. Some say that it will be a revolutionary network- high-speed internet, better connection… Others are more fond of the conspiracy theories that come with it. No matter the context, the 5G network is a popular subject.

You’re definitely not here for the small talk and the conspiracy, so we will approach the subject from a development point of view, and we’ll answer the question:

How will 5G change the future of the IT industry?

First and foremost, let us tell you- the 5G network sure looks promising! It offers better connectivity, better signal, higher speed, better resolution, etc. but we can only hope that it’s that good of a network.

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The benefits from the upcoming 5G network

  • Higher speed

Every new network that came to the surface from the ’80s until now, gave us something new, better, greater. The 5G promises higher speed, and that’s the dream of every IT expert- a fast network! Guess what? It’s every smartphone-owning person’s dream! Imagine- higher speed while net browsing, posting statuses, Instagram stories…So, in terms of speed and functionality, 5G will only benefit us.

Every business will benefit from the speed that 5G offers. For example, businesses will be able to have a faster response time and thus- a higher efficiency.

  • Better connection

Lately, networks have been having some glitches and bad connectivity. Some say that it’s on purpose, others just brush it off. But then again, seen from a developer’s point of view, a better connection equals better results. Again, we have another benefit from the upcoming network.

Connectivity will benefit every single company out there. With it, businesses will have a better connection between all of their sectors, they will communicate better and that is especially important for firms that are fragmented in different locations.

  • Image and video quality

It is said that 5G will give videos and images a better, top quality. No more blur and bad images or shaky videos. 5G is said to fix this problem. The 5G network will give us the best apps out there and it will make existing apps better. That benefits not just the developer, but the client as well. A win-win situation!

Maybe video and image quality is not something that IT experts cherish a lot, but it will sure help designers and app developers, and after all, they are part of the IT industry as well!

  • Privacy issues (?)
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Everything good has to have something off about it. This time- it’s privacy. 5G will be a completely new network out there and it will be vulnerable at first. As with anything great and innovative, it will be prone to viruses, hacking, as well as some problems. But, we can only hope that before releasing the 5G, they will fix the security issue. If not, those problems will be fixed as soon as the network becomes widely used.

What industries will benefit the most from 5G?

Apart from the IT industry, there are other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, as well as education that will benefit from the upcoming network. Using all the privileges given from 5G, they will become more advanced and more effective. Mobile apps will move quicker, and more quality will be given to images and videos.


There are tons of reasons why we should look forward to the upcoming 5G network. Better connectivity, higher speed, better functionality… There are tons of different theories related to it, but one thing’s for sure- it’s going to be a real game-changer. The only thing left to do is to wait it out

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