How to Fix Mouse Cursors Disappearing Problem in Google Chrome?

It’s a common problem that many users have been facing while using this popular web browser. One reason for its appearance of having problems is related to Google’s add-on/extension feature called the Web Kit Browser Add-on Registry. This one key component in Chrome could be causing your computer to crash or encounter other serious problems.

Reasons of the this problem

This problem basically comes about due to various parts of the system conflicting with each other. First, Chrome needs to read the information from the cache and other data kept on the desktop. This part is called the Window Memory Database. When the database gets corrupted or is tampered with, it will definitely cause errors that show up as popups or even bugs when you are using the web browser.

Another reason: for the appearance of mouse pointer disappearing problem in Google Chrome is related to the graphic settings. The graphics processor in the computer happens to be one of the most taxing parts of the CPU. Whenever there is an open instance of the browser, the system has to continuously process large number of graphical commands. If these commands take too much processing power, then the browser might be unable to function properly.

Fixing this problem

To fix mouse cursor disappearing problem in Google Chrome, you can either edit the registry manually or use one of the many registry cleaners available online. Editing the registry manually is definitely harder and requires technical knowledge in order to be effective. This is because the entries in the registry are interlinked which means when editing one, you may inadvertently edit another. Moreover, it’s quite hard to determine if you have made any mistakes when you’re doing this kind of thing manually.

Benefits of registry cleaners

On the other hand, there are many benefits that you can obtain from using one of the many registry cleaners available online. It can improve the speed of your computer as it can detect and repair invalid or damaged entries and delete them. Furthermore, this tool can fix mouse pointer disappearing problem by removing any of its related problems. It can clean your computer from any viruses that can possibly cause damage such as application hijacks or malware.

How to fix mouse cursor disappearing problem in Google Chrome

A lot of people underestimate the capabilities of the scan tool when it comes to detecting errors in the computer. A reliable free scanner can easily detect and remove malicious codes found in the computer that can cause serious damage not only to your PC but also to your privacy. You can download free scanning tool from the internet to learn more about the features of different tools so that you can decide on the best one for your PC.

Lastly, when learning how to fix mouse cursor disappearing problem in Google Chrome, you have to make sure that the tool that you use can help restore your Internet Explorer favorites. Sometimes, your browser can malfunction and you will lose a few of your favorite websites that you like to visit. To fix this, you can use the restore button that is available on the top right corner of your browser. This button can help you reinstate the favorite sites and restore the Internet Explorer favorites.


Learning how to fix mouse cursor disappearing problem in Google Chrome is not that difficult. If you can determine the issues behind the problem and find a reliable software program to help you solve them, you can get rid of this annoying issue. Learn more about the different options available in fixing this issue and choose the one that best fits your needs. Get more tips and information on the Internet related to this topic. This can help you solve any problem that you encounter related to this browser quickly and easily.



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