How to launch your startup with a mobile application?

How to launch your startup with a mobile application?

Uber, Blablacar, AirBnB… here are some successful startups that have launched only around a mobile application. They have also shaken up the economy and today many startups are trying, in turn, to get started using this same scheme.

Why create a mobile application for my startup?

If we follow in the footsteps of Uber, Blablacar or Airbnb, we observe that the use of mobile applications represented for these startups an undeniable asset: connecting millions of passengers and drivers or even owners and tenants, in no time was almost child’s play thanks to this intermediary.

grow quickly

When you start a startup, your goal is usually to grow quickly.
If your project is well defined and you have successfully identified your audience, the mobile application will play a key role in this acceleration process because it will allow you to directly reach your target customers and quickly retain them.
It also allows you, in the same way, to reach as many customers as possible. Indeed, today m-commerce is trendy, and the majority of the population is equipped with a smartphone and uses mobile applications.
But in addition to being an advantage for its creator, the mobile application gives the customer both ease of access and reduced cost for most of the time (since the application is monetized differently from a physical company (through in-app purchases, advertising, etc.) which makes it possible to offer services at lower cost).

So how do I launch my mobile application?

The essential point is to make sure that your application will effectively create a place for itself in the stores and you must therefore have your project validated by future users.

I launch my mobile application

The most suitable way is to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

It is a process used to speed up development and reduce development time and costs.
For this, some non-essential features will initially be neglected, but the application will offer its essential features.
It will then represent a first version of your application which will allow you to have opinions and feedback from users in order to quickly know what to improve, change or delete.
But it also allows to see if the application is creating a place on the market.
This method then allows you to measure the expectations of your market, which is essential for the proper development of your project.

How to launch your startup with an MVP?

There are several types of MVP, we will focus on 2 types: the functional MVP and the design MVP (also called prototype design).

The MVP design:

MVP design consists of creating all the screens of an application with the final design. This design can then be presented with zoning tools such as MarvelApp or inVision, which makes it possible to have clickable areas and to be able to demonstrate the application in order to present the future application.

There is a second step to this MVP design, it is the integration of the screens in an iOS / Android mobile application. In this case, the designer provides the screens to the mobile app developers dallas who are responsible for integrating them into an iOS / Android application.

The functional MVP:

The functional MVP makes it possible to present a technical solution in order to demonstrate the viability of a project. It often involves carrying out a research and development phase. The final rendering of this MVP does not include a particular design but focuses on the functional part.

Retrocube helps you:

At Retrocube, we have developed tools to accelerate the creation of MVPs. Indeed, we started from the observation that many applications needed the same elements to function:

  • Account creation
  • connection
  • push notification
  • user management
  • list management
  • image manipulation
  • geolocation
  • statistics

We have therefore industrialized our processes in order to reuse the same code base each time. This allows us to offer several types of MVP and to keep the following promises:

– In 30 days: delivery of a functional MVP:
development of the main features of the project, iOS AND Android application, API and management back-office (design not included).
– In 30 days: delivery of an MVP design:
ergonomic interface, screens integrated into an iOS AND Android application (with static data).

Retrocube has contributed to the development of 3 startups:



StoryEnjoy is a startup launched in 2017 on Reunion Island.
Its mobile application was launched in 2018 and is intended for children, parents, grandparents but also any other member of the family who wants to tell a story to their young children.

StroyEnjoy more concretely is:

An app that lets you tell a story remotely and on video.

How it works?

  • Choose a story from those available in the e-book library
  • Record yourself telling the story
  • Create a profile for the child to whom you want to address the story
  • Your child, nephew (niece) or grandson (daughter) can access their e-book and your video will appear on the corner of the tablet or phone used while playing it.



Psyorganizer is an application designed for the Reunionese startup PsyApps.

The main purpose of this application is to facilitate the organization of psychologists by bringing together the scattered information of the same patient.

The application therefore helps to:

  • organize and consult patient data
  • develop synthetic diagnoses
  • retrace the lives of patients with key periods in their past



ZOTDATA is a mobile application in the construction sector which allows real-time connections between actors on the same site.

The application aims to help construction companies to make their digital transition by offering a simple tool adapted to the needs of its users.

The application allows

  • Better communication with collaborators, employees and customers
  • Improved execution costs
  • Improved execution schedules
  • Data analysis (which will then become predictive)
  • Continuous site monitoring



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