Is Android Phone Is Better Than IPhone?

Is Android Phone Is Better Than IPhone?

The topic is debatable since both OS have gained too much value in the market, so; it’s impossible to announce the winner without proof. One thing that I can say that the users of both OS are satisfied with the performance provided by both OS so, we need some strong arguments from both sides to decide a winner.

I remember that there was no concept of mobile phone technology in my childhood, and when I started to study 5th class, I got to see a mobile phone named “Nokia 1100”. It was the first phone that I had ever seen in my life.

Before the mobile phone technology, we had PCOs service, and it was a very well-known service because it was a new experience for the people and people enjoyed the PCO service. Still, it was very expensive, but only rich people could afford it.

Many people started this service, and when the servicing reached its peak, we saw new technology, a mobile phone. Nokia was the top developing company in part because its products were amazing. I remember that the battery timing was very amazing, and secondly, the calling quality was clear.

Time passed, we saw too much development in the technology field, and the last decade has become the symbol of technology. We’ve experienced too many things that we were supposed to imagine such inventions.

Now we’ve two amazing OS, and we are going to have a good debate. Hopefully, you will also like it and after reading the content, if you think that we missed any important feature of any OS, let us know in the comment section, but we will try to be unbiased.

History of Android Phone

The android history started in 2003, and it was the year when android technology came to the market. Rich Miner and his colleagues invented the technology. The Android technology did not meet the users’ expectations, but it was a new technology, so the developer enhanced the phone’s performance in every possible aspect.

An interesting incident took place in 2005 when Google purchased the Android phone. People say that it was a game-changer moment for the android OS since Google was meeting its peak those days so, Google started to work on android technology, and today, android technology has become a brand that no one can neglect.

History Of iPhone

iPhone history started in 2004, one year later than android technology. The initial release of the iPhone is in 2003, and it was the beta version, and its availability was limited because the product was just developed to test the functions. Its official release is not 2004 since it provided a beta version initially, and it was reachable to limited people.

2007 was the game-changer for the iPhone because Its official release was in 2007, but the system was still not perfect, and Apple Inc provided a limited number of phones. Still, in 2009, the iPhone was introduced to the mobile phone market, and iPhone earned too much value in no time.

It was the second technology after android phone technology, and we know that people always tried to peak in something new so, it was a new invention. iPhone 4 was the game-changer for Apple Inc because people loved it. iPhone has awesome processing speed, and some people still keep iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 because they’ve addicted to it.

Mobile OS Market Share Worldwide

If we talk about the usage of these OS, we may find a big difference between iPhone and Android Phone. The stats provided in this section are official but estimated.

The Android phone is leading with 72.72%, but iOS is behind with 26.46$, and these stats are updated and released in 2021. Don’t get the perception that iPhone is the loser since many factors are involved in these stats. iPhone has provided amazing technology, no doubt, but I think that the performance is not the reason.

IPhone has skipped many of the features to avoid the security concern. Apple is not supposed to face security concerns because it restricted the OS to very limited features.

If we talk about the features provided on Android phone, we may see many features that are not available in iOS.

Connectivity Of Android & iOS To External Devices (PC, Laptop)

Suppose you have an android phone, and you want to connect the android phone to your computer or laptop for any purpose. In that case, the operation is easy to perform because Android OS allows connecting with external devices like computer and laptop.

If we talk about iPhone, we can’t perform the same on iPhone, and this action is very complicated since IPhone does not compromise security. Still, people connect the phone devices to a computer because they need to share the files to a computer device, but iPhone does not allow it. You need to perform some difficult action to do it.

This concern is also a big reason why people don’t prefer IPhone because they feel a bit incomplete, some people use to charge their phone by connecting to a computer, but if you’re an iPhone user, it’s not possible.

Spare Parts Availability & Pricing

Does not matter what device we use, we need spare parts of the device because we can’t guarantee the life of electric stuff so, that’s why sometimes, the internal parts of these got damaged and in this situation, we need to replace the parts.

The availability of both products is expected, but since android usage is more than iPhone, it’s easier to get the spare parts of any android device. Still, IPhone’s spare parts are also reachable, but less in amount so, the android is slightly ahead in finding the spare parts.

The pricing of both OS devices is the same now because Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the latest Android release, and its price is $1674. Still, on the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro max is the latest release from iOS, and its price is $1565, but the pricing of both OS are flexible, depends on the specifications of the device.

Availability Of Apps For Android & iPhone

First, we talk about android OS; the availability of the apps is easier than iPhone because Google Play Store offers millions of free apps. Still, some of the apps are paid, but paid apps are also easy to get; Atoz Apk is a well-known brand where you can get android apps free of cost.

Most of the iPhone apps are paid, and the Apple play store also offers many apps free of cost, but the majority of the apps are paid so, the users need to pay the dollars for unlocking paid dollars.

Who Is Winner Now?

We will conclude the article by announcing the winner, but I know that we’ve skipped many important points, but the conclusion will help you understand the difference with more clarity.

Android OS is the winner because its usage is more than iPhone globally, but I must admit that in some graphical locations, the usage of iPhone is more than android. The usage of the iPhone is more in American & European countries since these countries are developed countries. The residents of these countries can afford an expensive phone, so they prefer to buy iPhone.


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