Know Everything About Bike Loan EMI Calculator 

What is a bike loan EMI calculator?

An EMI calculator for a two-wheeler loan or bike loan enables borrowers to know in advance the monthly instalments or EMIs that one pays toward their principal amount and interest over the fixed time duration. Using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator, borrowers choose the monthly instalments that they are comfortable with by adjusting the loan tenure and value. The bike loan EMI calculator makes it simple and convenient to plan your monthly instalments and pay off your EMI dues on time.

Features of bike loan EMI calculator:

Customised Tool:

The bike loan EMI calculators are designed in a customised manner. There are no constraints on how the variables are entered. Users can select their desired loan amount, rate of interest, and repayment duration. This service allows users to simply compare EMIs from several loan providers.

User Friendly:

The bike loan EMI calculator is simple to use. One has to enter the three basic variables such as interest rate, principal amount, and loan tenure. Customers can use this calculator from the comfort of their homes. The only requirement for using this calculator is internet connectivity.


For using a bike loan EMI calculator, you don’t have to register yourself with the lending institution. It does not require any registration or personal details submission for its usage. The calculator is secure to use because your identity remains hidden.

How to use a bike loan EMI calculator?

Calculating the EMI using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is simple and convenient. It requires only three steps that are mentioned below:

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Enter Principal Amount:

The principal amount refers to the funding amount that one is willing to apply for or is the amount that the lending institution has disbursed to your bike dealer account. By using the slider available on the calculator, one can choose the amount as per their wish.

Enter Interest Rate:

As we all know, interest rate differs from one loan provider to another loan provider. As such, make the list of interest rates offered by different lenders. Using the bike loan EMI calculator, compare the EMIs at different interest rates. Use the slider to change the interest rate on the EMI calculator. Keep in mind that the bike loan interest rates also depend on the applicant’s profile.

Loan Tenure:

The longer the loan tenure, the higher will be the interest component. Therefore, it is crucial to compare the extra interest burden when deciding on the repayment tenure. Input the loan tenure in months on the calculator to get the bike loan EMI. It is advisable to choose the tenure that best suits your budget.

Once you have input all the required variables, the calculator will display the EMI amount.

Two-wheeler EMI calculator formula:

Apart from the online bike loan EMI calculator, borrowers can also calculate their monthly instalments manually by using a mathematical formula. The formula for calculating monthly instalments are as follows:

E= P × R (1+R) ^ N / [(1+R) ^ N -1]


P stands for a principal loan amount that you are applying for.

R stands for the rate of interest that the lending institution charges on a loan amount.

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N stands for the loan repayment tenure in months.


E stands for the monthly instalments or the loan EMI.

Benefits of Bike Loan EMI Calculator:

The bike loan EMI calculator offered by your financial institutions has several benefits. Some of the benefits of a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator are as follows:

Saves Time:

You don’t have to spend hours and waste several pages to calculate your bike loan EMI by using a mathematical formula. By using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator, customers can save their time and effort by calculating the monthly instalments in seconds. One does not have to waste their precious time doing rounds of time-consuming calculations. Borrowers are required to enter the bike loan-related details on the calculator, and they get the desired output immediately.


Most of the time, manual calculations are time-consuming and still, you won’t get accurate results. When it comes to calculating your loan EMIs, a small miscalculation can impact you in the long run and will also disturb your monthly budget. Inaccurate calculation modifies your bike loan EMI, and it may force you to review the decision of purchasing a bike on a two-wheeler loan. Therefore, it is advisable to use a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator for accurate and reliable results.

Helps in planning finances:

Two-wheeler loan EMI calculator helps borrowers to know their EMIs even before applying for the loan. It helps you to know whether or not you will be able to repay the loan amount. By using the bike loan EMI calculator, one can easily plan their monthly budget. Borrowers can cut down their unnecessary and luxurious expenses like clubbing, unnecessary shopping, holidaying and a few more. By using this calculator, one can choose the amount that suits their budget. Paying EMIs on time also ensures your strong credit history.

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Allows evaluation of multiple schedules:

One of the greatest benefits of using a bike loan EMI calculator is that it enables borrowers to check the amortisation schedules and EMIs for various combinations of loan repayment tenures and rates of interest. Therefore, borrowers can select the EMI or monthly instalments that best meet their repayment or servicing capacities.


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