Oliver and Sons Beds Review by Crafted Beds

Oliver and Sons Beds Review by Crafted Beds

Oliver & Sons is a British furniture company that creates luxurious but affordable hand-crafted beds

If you are looking for a gorgeous, luxurious centerpiece for your bedroom, Oliver & Sons got your back.

Before you read the rest of the article, take a look at the CraftedBeds Shop where they have an amazing selection of Oliver & Sons beds.

Why Are Handcrafted Beds A Good Choice?

When decorating your bedroom, an interior designer creates the whole room around the bed. The bed is the centerpiece and the main purpose of the bedroom is sleeping, of course. That is why your bed is the most important part of the room.

Interior designers often choose hand-made beds. Handcrafted, unique bed designs are going to bring your interior design to a whole new level.

Since you are almost designing your own bed with the help of a craftsman’s magic hand, you can really turn your dream bed into reality.

Reliable Models

The great thing about handmade furniture is that every piece that’s made is made with extra care. Designs at Oliver & Sons are carefully constructed and made with skillful hands that make sure everything is sitting properly. You can rely on their models and their quality.

Investing in a good, comfortable bed is the best investment you can make. Imagine the difference between living life well-rested and having a bad bed that makes every morning a painful start of the day.


Choosing a hand-crafted bed that guarantees you will wake up rested is money well spent.

Only The Highest Standards

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Oliver & Sons make every bad with care. They keep their standards high with every bed and with their bespoke services you can expect a luxurious and unique bed with an exclusive and copyrighted design.

All products are made to order, which means there are no stock items.

With all the options they offer, your only job is to decide what you want and relax.

Over 500 Fabric Choices

Their sumptuous range of beds might make it hard to decide what color or design you want. Luckily, they are offering all their customers free fabric samples, sent by post. 

You can choose from fabric to velvet, a wide range of over 500 materials. 

The Best price

Not only do they make handcrafted luxurious beds that have the best quality of materials and their bespoke services, but their prices are also affordable. You can have luxury and comfort without digging a big hole in your budget. 

Why Choose Oliver & Sons?

Made in the UK – all products are made to order, no stock items

  • Over 40 fabrics to choose from – a vast range of different colors and fabrics
  • Minimal effort self-assembly or an option to choose from assembly options
  • Free mainland UK delivery
  • Fast delivery within 7 to 21 days
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Available with extra storage options
  • Assembly and rubbish disposal service available

Affordable designer handcrafted beds in the UK

The major advantage of today’s era is that everything we need is one click away.

You can visit CraftBeds shop and select from their vast selection of crafted beds or visit their blog to learn more about what makes a crafted bed so awesome.

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