Own A Fancy Luxury Watch: Louis Vuitton’s Collection of Men’s Luxury Watches

Own A Fancy Luxury Watch: Louis Vuitton’s Collection of Men’s Luxury Watches

Louis Vuitton is a French-made fashion company that started in 1854; since then, the company has boomed into what it is now. Louis Vuitton is one of the leading brands in fashion dresses, bags, shoes, sandals, and luxury watches. If you want to own a fancy-looking luxury watch, here are some of Louis Vuitton’s luxury watches collection.

Tambour All Black Small Second 41.5

With a price tag of $5,000, the Tambour All Black Small Second 41.5 luxury watch of Louis Vuitton is an excellent value for money. The Tambour, All Black of Louis Vuitton, offers impressive features that can compete with other luxury watch brands in the market right now, such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Rolex, and many more.

The Louis Vuitton watch or, to be precise, the Tambour All Black Small Second 41.5 offers many types of band colorways and designs such as black, red, white, leather, and even stainless steel. The amount of customization options that you have from this luxury watch is just unbelievable. 

The Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black has a stainless steel body case combined with a deep black PVD coating, which provides a premium feel. Also, the Tambour All Black uses a top-grade sapphire crystal glass in front to provide top-of-the-line protection for scratches. You’ll also love the little LV logo at the back that was precisely engraved.

Escale Time Zone 39

This unique collection from Louis Vuitton offers an unusual design that you might never see before in your life. If you like colorful things, then the Escale Time Zone 39 is the perfect luxury timepiece for you. The Escale Time Zone 39 is like a luxury watch from a different dimension or universe because of its colorful dial that no other brand has as of the moment.

With the Escale Time Zone 39, you will have a premium grade stainless steel body case combined with an 18k pink gold bezel, crown, and horns, which is pretty beautiful to look at, actually. You’ll also have sapphire glass protecting its front with an LV signature. In addition, you’ll see the 24 flags on its dial, which is the culprit of its lively color and feel.

The functions that this watch has are the 24-hour time zone, minutes, and hours. Despite having a 39mm diameter, the Escale Time Zone offers an impressive 42-hour of power. If you’re meticulous enough, you’ll also find at least 20 premium jewels on the Escale Time Zone that adds to its overall design feature.

Tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46

If a luxurious chronograph with a unique design is what you’re looking for, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46 is the right luxury timepiece for you. If you compare it with other luxurious chronographs from the other brands in the market, the tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46 is way affordable with a price tag of not more than $8,000.

Just like other Louis Vuitton collections of luxury watches, the Tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46 offers vast choices of straps and bands, which means you can choose the exact strap design depending on your liking. The Tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46 has an over-molded blue or navy rubber crown combined with its shiny stainless case.

You will definitely love the dial of the Tambour Damier Cobalt Chronograph 46; the combination of white and red “V” logo complements well with the Damier Cobalt pattern, which is pretty magnificent to look at. Also, just like other chronograph watches out there, this watch still offers some essential functions such as date, hours, seconds, and minutes.

Escale Time Zone Spacecraft

Another cool luxury watch from Louis Vuitton’s Escale Time Zone collection of watches is the Escale Time Zone Spacecraft that offers a unique grayish colorway design accompanied by 24 flags and 24 time zones. Unlike other Escale Time Zone luxury watches of Louis Vuitton, these watches are more subtle and straightforward; minimalist people will definitely love this watch.

The Escale Time Zone Spacecraft uses a stainless steel body case coated with a black PVD, which provides a sleek look and extra durability to scratches. It also has a transparent back that has an LV signature on it, which is pretty cool. This luxury watch from Louis Vuitton also offers an extraordinary 50 meters of water depth resistance plus a 42-hour power reserve.


Overall, Louis Vuitton has been superb in creating and designing their unique and fabulous luxury watches. If you’re in a market of affordable luxury watches that offers excellent design queues, then you should visit or at least try checking Louis Vuitton’s collection of luxury watches.


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