PDFBear: Lock and Unlock Your PDFs

PDFBear: Lock and Unlock Your PDFs

One of the primary advantages of files in portable document format is absolute file security. Aside from its more compact and less modifiable features, PDFs also provide extra file security as they can be protected with personalized passwords. But these additional features cannot be maximized fully without the necessary tools.

PDFBear is the topmost choice of most users ranging from beginners to experts. It has a vast amount of tools, complete enough for you to overcome all your PDF problems and needs. If you are handling documents that require appropriate privacy or confidentiality, then PDFBear is the ideal choice for you.

Protecting Your PDFs

Electronic files and private documents are widely used in corporate companies and private businesses. Company updates, reports, and other records are mostly distributed through online platforms for faster daily transactions. For you to have the best protection for these files, you must first learn how to lock and then how to unlock PDF.

With PDFBear, you can gain full confidence in uploading and password-protecting your PDFs; it has a secure SSL connection that ensures the complete removal of your uploaded files after 60 minutes of use. For adding passwords, it utilizes a 256-bit encryption protocol and a sophisticated security system that will keep other users off your PDFs:

  1. To lock your PDF with a password, select the “Protect PDF” option from the PDFBear home page.
  2. Find your PDF and drag it to the PDFBear dropbox. A fast loading will commence for the uploading process.
  3. Input your personalized password/passcode. Make sure that it is long and strong enough to make it less accessible for technical hackers. PDFBear will also give suggestions for a stronger password.
  4. Click “Encrypt PDF,” and you are done! Your PDF is now solid encrypted and protected. Download your PDF directly to your Google Drive or disk or copy its URL for e-mail sharing.

Unlocking Locked PDFs

As humans as we are, instances such as forgetting your personalized password are common, especially if you are handling too many accounts and electronic files. Unless you are incredibly organized and have a very sharp memory, forgetting one’s password is sometimes inevitable. Since we now know how to lock a PDF, we will now uncover how to unlock one.

PDFBear is still an ideal choice for this task. After proceeding to the “Unlock PDF” function of PDFBear, you can follow the same upload procedure as locking your PDFs. Before you can unlock, PDFBear will first validate if you are authorized to decrypt the file. It will then ask for the password to double-check if you are the correct user to open the PDF.

Once confirmed, you can now download your newly decrypted document and review its full content! If other unwanted users want to decrypt your file, rest assured that they cannot decrypt them with PDFBear. It double-checks first whether you are the appropriate user or not before it cracks the PDF.

Multiple Functions of PDFBear

Aside from the efficient PDF protection of PDFBear, it also has more services to offer. If you need more technical services such as PDF converter, merger, split, compressor, and editor, you can take advantage of its free practical tools! Your uploaded files are still in the best security despite having many efficient tools as PDFBear adheres to high privacy standards!


If you are using different devices other than desktops or laptops, you need not worry. Even if you are using your smartphone, you can maximize these PDFBear tools for free as long as you have an internet connection! It works well with all operating systems as well.


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