Tips to choose the best validity recharge plan

Tips to choose the best validity recharge plan

Prepaid plans are among the oldest and most extensively used mobile data plans. Most of you may be familiar with the concept, as they have been around for a while. Plans that demand upfront payment before providing service are referred to as prepaid plans. You will receive several temporary perks after completing the payment. However, based on the plan, the period of these mobile recharge packs differs.

Each prepaid package has a predetermined amount of time before it expires and the accounts services stop working. If the validity of your plan is going to expire, you could choose a validity recharge pack to keep accessing your prepaid services. These recharge packs for extended validity let you make calls, use data or send SMS [depending on the plan] with associated costs depending on the package value while also extending the duration of your plan. For instance, an Airtel validity recharge.

Service Validity Recharge

  • You can use services, but only for the duration of the service validity recharge. Service validity plans include all limitless recharge plans and most Talktime plans.
  • Until and unless the service validity recharge package is operational on your phone number, you will be unable to receive any services like Outgoing calls, High-speed Internet etc.
  • Some operators wouldn’t even allow your number to accept incoming calls.
  • Therefore, you should recharge your number with a package that provides service validity in order to keep your phone number operational.
  • Choose MobiKwik to safely and conveniently make your validity recharges like an Airtel validity recharge, BSNL validity recharge, etc.
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Choosing the best Validity Recharge Plan

In the case of a validity recharge plan, there are many options to choose from. By now, you probably know that a validity recharge plan is necessary to continue to use some services on your smartphone, including data and calls. Therefore, there are different options one has to consider while they are choosing a validity recharge plan.


If you talk a lot over the phone and have to make calls daily, you definitely have to make a valid recharge. You should select your recharge plan accordingly. Be sure to select the BSNL validity recharge plan that offers unlimited Talktime for an extended period of time.


Some plans provide different amounts of data for different periods. If you need a huge amount of data for work or other purposes, you must select a plan that provides you with that. For instance, some plans provide three GB per day or fifty GB over the course of a month. You can choose a plan similar to those if those suit your needs.


Duration, along with price, is the most important factor one has to consider while making a choice. If you know for sure that you constantly need a set of services for a very long time, you can choose a six month or one-year plan. But if you are just trying out plans and are not sure about the benefits that you need, it is always better to go for a plan with a shorter duration, like a twenty-day or a one-month plan.


Above all, the main question you have to ask yourself is if you can afford it. It will be frustrating if you recharge with an expensive plan and later realize that you didn’t need it in the first place. Instead, choose a BSNL validity recharge plan that fits your needs and your budget. If you are on a tight budget, it is always better to go for a plan with fewer benefits and a lower duration, which normally costs less.

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It is easy to get confused with the variety of validity recharge plans available in the market nowadays. Choosing one that fits your needs over the popular one is important. A great benefit that users can enjoy nowadays is that they don’t have to step out to make their recharges. They can recharge their number online. Mobile recharges are a very convenient and easy process nowadays. Moreover, if you do your validity recharges online with MobiKwik, it will be extra beneficial as you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free recharge with additional offers and rewards.


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