Reasons To Use GoGoPDF As Your Main And Your Go-To Online PDF Tool Companion

Reasons To Use GoGoPDF As Your Main And Your Go-To Online PDF Tool Companion

The first thing that comes into your mind is if you have a PDF file on you and you need to do something with install or download third-party software. That’s normal, but you don’t necessarily need to download software to do work with your PDF. Here is the top reason why you need to consider GoGoPDF.

Best In Its Class In Converting PDF Documents Into JPG Format

There are instances that you need a converting tool in order to convert your file or PDF to JPG online, and to do that; you should have the best converting tool. Fortunately, GoGoPDF offers the best in its class in terms of converting documents and files. What you’ll be learning right now is essential for you to convert PDF files to JPG format.

There are practically four ways or steps for you to convert your files to JPG using GoGo PDF’s most exceptional tool. The first thing you have to carry out is to find the file or PDF you want to convert and then upload it to GoGoPDF’s system. The second and third things that you have to do is just wait until the process is completed.

Once GoGoPDF finished changing your file into JPG, you can now easily download or transfer your JPG format file to your computer. Another impressive and cool thing about GoGoPDF is that you can also directly transfer or share your file to your friends, co-worker, boss, or anyone you like, and the full details on how to do that will be discussed later on.

GoGoPDF Easy And Fast Share Document Feature

Did you know that GoGoPDF has an exceptional tool in which you can share or transfer all of your files to your co-workers, boss, classmates, and any person? GoGoPDF created this feature to transfer your documents efficiently without the need to download or install unnecessary software, which takes too much of your precious time.

If you try to share or transfer any type of files without a proper tool to assist you, you might end up having a difficult time. With the Share Document of GoGoPDF, you can share your files directly with other people as long as you have an internet connection, of course. GoGoPDF provides four simple steps for you to follow so that you can transfer your files with ease.

If you already have the files or documents on your computer, you can directly go to GoGoPDF’s Share Document tool. When you’re on the exact page, you can just start uploading the specific files you want to transfer. Click on the “Share File” button so that you’ll have the copy of the link that you need to send to your recipient.

Quick Tool For Adding Watermark To Your File

If you want to secure your file’s information online, you should consider having GoGoPDF’s Add Watermark feature no matter what it is. With this extraordinary tool, you can quickly put a watermark to your files, such as your PDF, Word, JPG, and any other file that you consider to be essential to you. Just like other features of GoGoPDF, this tool doesn’t require software.

GoGoPDF already provided easy instructions on its page on how you can put or insert a particular watermark to your PDF or file. It’s actually not challenging to follow, and here’s an overview of how to do it. You need to select your file and grab a logo or image that you want to use as a watermark. You can also type it manually if your watermark is a text.

Once you’re done making or inserting your watermark into your file, you just now need to wait until GoGoPDF completes adding your watermark. The whole process’s total time will not take more than 20 minutes, which is impressively excellent. If you think everything is in place, you can now send your file using your email by copying the link provided to you.

GoGoPDF’s Most Interactive PDF Editing Tool

Easy PDF editing is one of the many reasons why you need to consider GoGoPDF as your primary online PDF companion. If you need to add some drawings, shapes, add and delete texts, and insert images to your file, then GoGoPDF has the perfect online editing tool just for you.

Editing a PDF file with GoGoPDF is very easy, and there’s no need for other third-party tools and features to make this tool work. You just have to get your PDF from your computer or mobile device. Once it’s successfully added to the system, you can start doing your thing; you can delete specific texts, add images and photos, and even create some drawings with this tool.


GoGoPDF offers multiple PDF functions and features that you don’t often see from its competitors, which is another fascinating thing about GoGoPDF. If you have many things to do with your PDF, GoGoPDF is your perfect go-to companion. Also, it has excellent client information privacy and security systems that provide exceptional protection. 


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