Relive the holiday spirit by bedecking your Christmas tree with attractive Christmas trees covers 

Relive the holiday spirit by bedecking your Christmas tree with attractive Christmas trees covers 

Summary: Every family has a generic and festive tree in their closet, but before busting it out, you can drape it with alluring Christmas trees covers. You can cover the stand or base.

Despite being one of your most coveted Christmas traditions, your Christmas tree and its stands may often skip your attention when it comes to holiday décor. You can always apply a vintage tree skirt or create your DIY tree stand with some primary supplies.

  • The finishing touches on artificial and live trees with those pretty tree collars slipping around the stand can steal the show.
  • They provide support and camouflage the tree stand. A galvanized bucket (oversized) can contain a beautifully robust and fluffy tree in your farmhouse. It also syncs perfectly with the classic grain sack rings and stocking hanging from the fireplace.
  • Hat box is another catchy style with all the paster baubles, sparkling snowflakes, and ice-skater layers on the tree. A simple hatbox is like bringing back the old-fashioned charm and glamor.
  • A classic candy tin can create magic. The candy-ribbon ornaments create that nostalgic vibe you so badly crave. Bass drum is another option. A typical Christmas tin is an old vintage container from your basement or attic to hold your tiny stand.

If you want to delight and surprise your guests, put your Christmas tree in a lovely champagne bucket to narrate a fantastic story.

Some novel ideas

Instead of keeping it bare, do cover the Christmas stand with an elegant Christmas skirt.

  • Make sure it complements the tree’s color palette well. The shades of silver, gold, and white lend a sophisticated vibe to the interior.
  • The Burlap Christmas trees covers are perfect for rustic mini trees. The pinecones and ribbons make a unique combination.
  • You loosely wrap the tree stand with burlap. The setting is ideal for the south.
  • Using baskets are tree stands is a viable idea. Give your home a rejuvenating, rustic charm by placing a beautiful Christmas tree in a gorgeous basket.
  • The burlap, nubby texture, and warm color combination can render a unifying look. An oversized burlap can bolster the tree topper. Put glass ornaments to add some shimmer.

Some DIY inspirations

It’s always prudent to make the tree metal. Take a galvanized steel tub and turn it into a shiny, chic tree stand. Align it with the tree and cover them with fake snow, dazzling tinsel, and silver ornaments.

  • You can also take an old tire and repurpose it by wrapping it in rope or twine. It renders a rustic look. Place the tree stand inside the concerned tire.
  • Use your old or dysfunctional lamp shade, and repurpose it to encompass a bland tree stand. Use checkered patterns for matching the design as per the décor or ornaments.
  • You can also create a gift/present with your covers. Your Christmas tree stand can sync with the presents you keep underneath it. You can make the tree look like a present.

It’s also good to warm up the tree. Cover its base with runner rug to create a cozy feeling.


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