Why remote working is good for everyone? 

Why remote working is good for everyone? 

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular in today’s workspace. Working from the outside of a corporate office has been possible for a few decades, but it is just now becoming widespread, especially since in the pandemic we got to witness the fact that companies are benefitting more from remote employment, as the employees are much happier in the work from home culture.  

What is Remote Working?  

Remote work is a method of working that allows employees to operate outside of a regular office setting. It is founded on the idea that work does not have to be completed in a certain location in order to be effective. 

Consider it this way: instead of going to an office every day to work from a certain workstation, remote employees may complete tasks and meet their objectives wherever they choose. People have the freedom to plan their days in such a way that both their professional and personal life may flourish while coexisting happily. 

A cultural paradigm change has occurred in what society considers to be a suitable workplace, and remote employment has benefited from this greater independence. 

How can you implement Remote Working in your workspace?  

People can work from home in a number of different ways. That’s the beauty of remote employment: people might select how they work based on their personal circumstances. 

For example, some employees may be able to work remotely for the bulk of the week, but must drive to the office one day a week for in-person meetings. On a typical day, these remote employees work from home or local cafés, although they can also work from their company’s office if they want or deem necessary.  

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Remote working can be tricky as it might be hard for the employer to keep track of everyone’s work and progress. We360.ai can help in establishing a functional hybrid workspace. The employer is provided with many features that allow them to keep track of every running project, daily attendances, employee efficiency and productivity, and much more. This way the employer can track all the employees’ work, whether they work in the office or remotely.  

Benefits of remote working 

For employees-  

  • Better work-life balance: The prime reason people wish to work remotely is the autonomy of work and the increased work-life balance it offers. Remote employees can focus on the things that matter to them outside of the office when they aren’t compelled to be in an office for a certain period of time. Setting defined personal and professional goals has several advantages. You may complete projects with a strong sense of direction and with better attention when your goals are clearly stated. This makes it simpler to arrange and accomplish goals according to priority and urgency. With We360.ai you can sort upcoming and due projects with ease.  
  •  Better mental and physical health: Being bound to an office in a strict schedule is very draining for most people and especially in the corporate world where most of the work just requires sitting it also takes a toll on your physical health. Employees who work from home are less stressed and have greater morale than those who work in an office.  

A recent study reported that people had higher levels of anxiety and absenteeism when they had to commute to work daily. Since remote working takes commuting daily out of the equation, it helps in maintaining happier and more punctual employees. Remote employment is just excellent business from this standpoint. 

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For employers:  

  • Increased productivity in the workplace: The enhanced productivity that comes with remote work is one of the most popular justifications for it. In comparison to in-office employees, remote employees are more likely to put in extra effort in their professions, going above and beyond to get their work done. 

65 percent of full-time employees feel that working remotely will enhance productivity. Two-thirds of the managers polled said their remote workers increased their overall productivity. 

This can be understood by the fact that people are more motivated and productive when they don’t feel like they are being forced to do the work. Working remotely allows for flexible schedules in comfortable places that help employees work efficiently. 

  • Less monetary investment: When a company only works from designated office spaces they have to spend their capital on things like rent, furniture, electricity bills etc. Organizations with a large remote workforce typically require less physical office space, which saves money and gives them more flexibility in the long run. 

Disadvantages of remote working  

There is a flip side to every coin similarly there are a few disadvantages of remote working but they are all easily fixable. The disadvantages are:  

  • Employers may feel the need to micromanage: Micromanagement, or the virtual counterpart of peering over someone’s shoulder to make sure they’re performing their job, may increase anxiety and lower morale. We360.ai will eliminate the need to micromanage by setting up a functional and user-friendly autonomous workplace.  
  • Lack of socializing: One of the primary advantages of a traditional workspace is the daily human contact and the opportunity to build a functional social life. The way to fix this in a remote work environment is to come into the office at least once a week for some in-person meetings or organize social events occasionally.  
  • Managing various audiences: You may be in charge of a group that includes both full-time and part-time workers, as well as freelancers. As an employer you will have to adjust your leadership style to ensure that each audience receives the attention and resources they require to feel inspired and encouraged.  
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That is not to say that remote working will fade away as a fad. Remote working is here to stay, so to flourish as a company you will have to incorporate remote working in your work style.  

The Wrap 

Remote work has been gaining popularity for some time before the epidemic drove people to think about it sooner rather than later. Businesses and workers alike are hooked after two years of experiencing this flexible way of working. 

Remote work enables firms to operate with greater agility, allowing them to employ the best workers from a worldwide talent pool. Employers may layer on independent specialists to create dream teams on demand, rather than attempting to make do with less. 

Working remotely also removes geographic barriers to employment. You can recruit the best person for a position, bar none, rather than settle for the best person within commuting distance of the office when it doesn’t matter where they work. 


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