Some tips on using technology to prevent car theft

Some tips on using technology to prevent car theft

Modern-day cars are highly technology equipped. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it easier for the car to navigate, communicate, and connect to the wider spectrum of devices and networks. In-built GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, internet access, device compatibility, etc. have greatly increased the user experience while also creating new vulnerabilities for modern-day cars.

The keyless entry is one such feature. New cars don’t require the traditional “key insertion” to unlock or start. This means you just carry a key that communicated with the car’s system about whether you are in proximity or not. However, this also allows thieves and burglars to mimic those frequencies and hack into the car without having to damage or break in. This is one of those instances where technology eliminates the hassle to make our lives easier but also creates new problems with it. In this article, we are going to look at some of the technologies that can help you protect your car, sort of like covering up the loopholes created by technology, using technology. Let’s look at each of them one by one.

A faraday pouches

As we mentioned earlier, a popular method of breaking in without “breaking in” is by mimicking the signals sent by your key to make the car’s system think that the key is nearby. This allows thieves access to a car that uses keyless entry. Highly effective prevention to this is to use faraday pouches to store your key as soon as you lock your car. This protects your key from outside interference and makes it unreachable. If the thieves can’t receive the signals from the key, they can’t replicate them, and they will leave empty-handed.

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A GPS tracker

A tracker for a car is highly popular, especially among the urban population. When you are leaving your car at the office or the parking lot while commuting, it’s crucial that you know its location. GPS trackers also provide alerts and notifications if it starts moving or moves beyond a certain boundary that you can custom-define. This allows you to contact authorities as soon as you know about the attempted break-in and can retrieve the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Immobilizers/kill switch

When you think your car is being broken into, you can use immobilizers or activate the kill switch to effectively render the engine dead, so that thieves can’t get away with it. There are several iterations and variants in this category, and you can pick and choose your pick depending on the model and convenience.

Then there are mechanical components that you can effectively order online and set up yourself as a DIY project. Steering locks, clutch/gearbox locks, car alarms, etc. are examples of this. You can easily make sure no one else has access to your car and only you know the exact combination of security features to make it harder for thieves to gain access. There are also dashcams that provide two-way recording that also captures the interior of the car to help you identify the people in it. This helps the police or authorities in tracking down the perpetrators and retrieving your car quickly, if not acting as a deterrent for potential burglars.


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