Step-by-Step Guide to Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers in India

Step-by-Step Guide to Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers in India

Do you plan to create a real-time, data-intensive web application? Something like Trello, Netflix, GoDaddy, or eBay?


Then, you should start looking for the dedicated NodeJS developers. Why?

Well, NodeJS developers are highly in-demand software developers. This is because they can handle both frontend and backend applications. Plus, they can work with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Therefore, around 1.5% of all the websites used NodeJS in 2021.

All in all, hiring NodeJS developers will help you develop a robust and powerful application. However, there’s a small catch. Hiring dedicated NodeJS developers are super expensive. For example, in the USA, a NodeJS developer’s annual salary is $117,000 and £55,000 in the UK.

So, yeah, NodeJS developers are pretty rich people! And hiring them can put a big dent in your pocket.

But there’s a way to hire professional NodeJS developers within your budget. Simply hire NodeJS remote developers from India. 

Due to currency differences, you can hire advanced NodeJS developers in India for only ₹650,679 per annum. Thus, at half price, you can hire talented and qualified NodeJS developers from India.

Exciting, right?

Let’s move ahead and check out how to hire proficient NodeJS developers from India.

Why Hire NodeJS Developers from India 

A huge IT talent pool 

India is a huge IT hub where versatile IT engineers are working. Be it Flutter, React Native or NodeJS developer, you will find several software experts in India. Just remember India has given Sunder Pichai, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, like many IT geniuses. So, you can find highly qualified technical professionals in India.

English speaking NodeJS developers 

India is the second-largest English-speaking country after the USA. Thus, you can hire fluent English-speaking NodeJS developers from India for easy communication.

High work ethics 

Indian people are well-known for their hard-working and professional attitude towards work. Thus, you can hire passionate and zealous technical support from India at half price.

Remote IT companies 

If you wish to hire a complete IT infrastructure from India, you will also find many great remote companies. For example, companies like Arthonsys have both headquarters in the USA and India. This will help you better coordinate with your IT support team in India.

What Type of NodeJS Developers You Can Hire from India 

Freelance NodeJS Developers 

If you need a NodeJS developer for a small project, you can hire individual developers in India. Using the job portal sites like Upwork or social media channels, you can hire NodeJS developers in India.

However, hiring a freelance developer has two problems—

  • First, you have to screen a large number of applicants to hire the right person.
  • Second, a freelancer can only provide you with limited technical support.

NodeJS Development Company 

Besides freelancers, NodeJS development companies are the best option to outsource technical services from India. Moreover, these companies will offer you high-tech IT development support. So whether you need NodeJS development or digital marketing support, IT companies can provide you with everything.

Additionally, they can complete your project a lot faster as they have a full team. Also, companies use various tools and technologies that an individual NodeJS developer might not have.

All in all, hiring a full-fledged IT company like Arthonsys in India can save you both money and time.

How to Hire Dedicated NodeJS Developers in India 

Whether you want to hire a remote NodeJS developer or a NodeJS development company, these steps will help you find the best NodeJS person in no time:

For what purpose do you want to hire NodeJS developers 

Apart from developing dynamic web applications, NodeJS developers can play many other roles in your organization. Thus, you have to define for what purpose you want to hire a NodeJS developer or team, such as:

Fronted knowledge 

The NodeJS developer’s responsibility is to integrate database operations and application functions to create a seamless front-end user interface. In addition, nodeJS developers help to create an intuitive interface for the frontend users.

Writing codes

Your NodeJS engineers can also help you write application codes that your other team members can understand effortlessly.

High-end security and detecting bugs

You can also hire NodeJS developers to improve security features in your web applications. Further, NodeJS developers can detect bugs in your application and make it flawless for your end-users.

Keeping up with the new trends

The new programming languages, software, databases, and other tech trends are emerging every other day. Here your NodeJS programmers can help you stay ahead of the trends and complete your development process with the latest technologies.

What skill level are you looking for 

NodeJS developers deal with both database and UI structure. Thus, they possess vivid types of skills. Plus, the experience level also defines a professional NodeJS developer’s skills. So, you have to decide what proficiency level are you looking for in the NodeJS developers, such as:

Junior Level NodeJS Developers 

  • Basic NodeJS knowledge
  • NodeJS framework knowledge
  • Ability to write efficient codes
  • Understanding frontend applications
  • Good problem-solving skills, etc.

Senior Level NodeJS Developers 

  • Well-versed knowledge of RESTful API
  • Error-handling and database management skills
  • MVC Frameworks knowledge
  • Experience with workflow automation
  • Benefitting from high-load project experience
  • Architectural Patterns and Microservices Architecture
  • Experience in performance optimization, etc.

Level of technical skills 

NodeJS development is a highly technical job. Therefore, always check your remote NodeJS developers hard skills before hiring them, such as:

  • Mastery in RESTful APIs and API communications
  • Knowledge of Asynchronous Programming and its workaround
  • Experience in User Authentication and Authorization
  • Database Schema Creation
  • Proficiency in deploying various data security strategies and more.

Level of soft skills

Along with the hard skills, also look for the soft skills in your NodeJS developers. The NodeJS developers have to communicate with your entire team, clients, and even other associates on your behalf. Thus, they need to possess certain soft skills too, such as:

  • Communication and social interaction skills
  • Leadership skills to lead the whole team
  • Time management
  • Ability to coordinate with other team members
  • Analytical thinker
  • Result-driven attitude
  • Healthy mental state and more.

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