Take Care of Your Tractor with appropriate Tractor Covers

Take Care of Your Tractor with appropriate Tractor Covers

For winter storage of your tractor, it is important to have a good quality tractor cover. In reality, the use of a good tractor cover extends far beyond just the winter months. We have to protect this valuable utility from summer sunshine, pollen, fall leaves, and also other environmental harms and offer optimum protection. Even if we have been fortunate enough to have a big garage to safe keep the tractor, an additional cover to protect against moisture and dust build-up is necessary. Using a good cover will also protect it from any scratches or dings by the pets or kids etc. On getting out to buy a tractor cover, you will find plenty of options to make based on your honest assessment of the climatic conditions and other factors.

Outdoor vs indoor storage

While planning to buy a tractor cover, first plan whether you are keeping your vehicle outside or inside the garage, the right answer to this question will help you to make an appropriate choice of material for the cover. Indoor tractor covers are meant to protect your vehicle from moisture, dust, pollen, etc., whereas more sturdy and durable material covers needed to be chosen as outdoor storage covers. Usually, outdoor threats are like:

  • Rain and dampness: Water will easily penetrate through the cracks and cause corrosion.
  • Snow: Also causes easy corrosion.
  • Sun’s UV rays: These harmful rays will cause fading of the paint over time.
  • Pollen: Pollen will cause tiny scratches on the paint which will further cause damages.

Most of the outdoor tractor covers are multi-layered with more than one material used to manufacture it. Some of the top-notch products may have even four layers, each of which helps protect against harmful elements like heat, moisture, dust, UV rays etc. While looking for outdoor covers, you may consider all-weather covers to ensure optimum protection.

On the other hand, the indoor elements are:

  • Dust: the debris will settle on the paint and cause scratches.
  • Finish damages: The covers will have a soft panel inside which will act soft on the vehicle’s finish.
  • Mildew and rot: The expelled moisture through breathable covers tend to seep through the outer cover and settles inside. This may cause rotting or mildew, which cause damage over a longer period.

Good quality indoor covers will ensure adequate protection from all these risks.

The usage of your tractor also plays a vital role in the selection of the cover. If you tend to use it regularly, then it is enough to choose a lightweight material. You may choose a polythene material which offers appropriate protection to the outdoor storage needs. On the other hand, if you are putting your vehicle dormant at the storage for long, then you may choose a heavier cover. Thicker materials like canvas can be used for long-term protection.

While considering tractor covers, it is also ideal to look for custom-fit covers, which can fit well on the contour of your tractor. A proper fit will ensure that the contaminants will not reach to your vehicle. Simply put, custom-fit covers can always better protection that the universal covers. Even when universal covers may appear to be much cheaper, with custom-fit cover, you get the best value for money.


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