Text Promotion Strategies That Actually Work for Your Business

Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is becoming more popular every year for a reason. Businesses realize that this is one of the best ways to communicate with their demographic now that texting is such a huge part of our daily lives. However, while SMS marketing is very simple, you still need to use a good strategy for it to work. Let’s take a look at several proven-to-work text promotion strategies for your business.

1. Scarcity and Limited Time Offers

Being able to get your subscribers to engage instantly with your texts is one of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing. This means that you have an unprecedented opportunity to create scarcity and limited-time offers that have a major psychological effect on your demo.

Here’s an example. Imagine you’re running a restaurant, and you’re having a slow day. To get things to pick up, you could send a text to your subs that tell them you’re offering a special limited-time deal for that day only. This use of scarcity will get people to show up and get the sales rolling in. This strategy also has the effect of ensuring that people will check your texts more often to avoid missing out.

2. Text Alert Services

Managing SMS marketing campaigns on your own isn’t hard, but it can be tedious, and you will miss out on many of the tools that you’d have if you use a text alert service. Text alert services are to SMS what autoresponders are to email. Not only do they allow you to send out text message blasts to all of your subs at once, but they also allow you to segment your audience for better conversions. If you’re serious about SMS marketing, then using a text alert service is a must for texting online.

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3. Gathering Data

Any marketing campaign is only as good as the data it runs on. This is especially true when you’re segmenting your audience. Fortunately, SMS marketing makes getting this data easy and there are several ways to do it.

  • Polls – Have your subs participate in a poll for a special reward.
  • Reviews – Automatically text your new subscribers and ask for a review right after purchase.
  • Measurement – Text a link to a video or blog post and see which subs respond and which don’t.
  • Limited Time Offers – Advertise a limited-time offer and take note of the buyers.
  • Engagement – Track how many people are actually reading your text and when they’re engaging with them.

4. Sales Funnel Integration

Another massive benefit of using text alert services is that you can plug your SMS marketing campaign into just about any part of your sales funnel. For example, maybe you have a webpage that is converting really well. You can then use your SMS to send people to it and increase your sales. On the other hand, maybe you want people to visit your store in real life. If this is the case, you can have a rotating set of special deals that you advertise regularly.

Something else to consider is that SMS can help you find weak points in your sales funnel. By using it to direct traffic to various parts of your funnel, you can find the ones that aren’t working as they should and fix them up. This can help you to increase conversion very quickly if done correctly.

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5. The Power of Volume

While you should always be working to optimize conversions, you should also take into account just how many people SMS can reach. In some cases, you can improve your revenue generation by messaging as many people as possible. This can be a great way to improve your ROI on your marketing budget until you’re able to fully optimize your sales funnel.

Getting Started with SMS

The great thing about getting started with SMS is that it is typically very easy to get people to sign up for your texting list. In most cases, this can be done simply by asking for their number when they make a purchase. If you offer them something, a small discount for example, then it is even easier. Either way, growing your list and getting your SMS campaign off the ground is about as simple as it gets.


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