Personal hygiene is finally being practiced more seriously and by almost all the people around the globe, the reason behind this positive trend is unfortunately due to a negative factor that is, the outburst of a fatal COVID-19 virus.

There has been an incredible increase in manufacturing of face masks, hand sanitizers, and other sanitizing products,new brands and businesses are being set up offering products and services relating to hygiene and sanitization. This article will be discussing some of such innovative and opportunity seizing startups which can be boon to people during this hard time.


Since the inception of this brand, it has been trending all over social media the reason being the Bollywood superstar behind the brand.FRSH was launched by blockbuster actor Salman Khan along with tennis professional Mahesh Bhupati’s Scentials Beauty Care and Wellness on May 24 over social media, posting a video explaining the brand to the people and revealing the hand sanitizers under this brand, he mentioned that deodorants were the initial choice to be launched but seeing the sanitizing need of people, the launch of hand sanitizers became essential. Frsh brand sanitizers come in 100ml pack of 5 bottle costing rupees 250 with 72% alcohol content and are sold online via Flipkart.


Yes, you read that right, Skyrora a private rocket company based in the UK, manufacturing launch vehicles for small satellites decided to step in a rather different venture of development of healthcare equipment. Addressing the media CEO of skyrora Volodymyr Levykin announced that the company will shift to the production of hand sanitizers and face masks because that is the major need of the hour in the ongoing time of coronavirus pandemic. The production of the first batch of hand sanitizers has already been completed under WHO guidelines, known that Skyrora has inclined it’s most of  its human resources, management, and finances to the production of healthcare equipments and is aiming for production of 10000 bottles per week. News has it that prototype of 3d printed masks for protection of healthcare workers is already in development by Skyrora , it is fascinating to see inclination of a rocket building company to towards hand sanitizers and face masks.


A name that has always been associated with electronics and gadget technology is set to enter the newly growing hygiene and healthcare market. With the lack of proper healthcare facilities to combat against the lethal virus, Lalit Arora spoke of how necessary it has become for people to come forward and help in such grey times when people are struggling with life hence just few days back he announced that ubon has started production of quality PPE kits. He continued and also shared the information that along with PPE kits, Sanitizers with 70% alcohol and good quality of face masks is also in development process.


Based in Assam, India this startup truly defines the extremity and severity of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Automovill

 sanitizes vehicles used by government officials such as governor, chief minister,DG of police and other high ranking government officials. Due to contagious nature and widespread of the virus it is necessary to take every action possible to maintain proper sanitization, even during lockdown while people are at home many Government officials have to go out to do their duties which becomes a huge risk for them and thus maintaining proper hygiene and sanitization becomes a difficult job, sanitization of their offices is done at regular basis but looking at how serious the virus is, the vehicles used by them are also being sanitized thanks to newly found startup Automovill. Apart from Guwahati, Automovill has its operations in Bangalore, Hyderabad Gurgaon.

5.Log 9 materials

From rooftops to bathroom people have become critical in order to do proper sanitization,the virus has become successful in bringing the necessity of sanitizing amongst the people. Due to covid-19 it is became a necessity that everything that humans come in contact with has to be sanitized properly, looking into this matter a Bengaluru based company called log 9 materials has built a “coronaoven” that sanitizes everything within 10 minutes. The company claims that using this oven everything from groceries to face masks and PPE kits this oven sanitizes everything by using ultraviolet light technology and applied nanoscience the company has been able to build an effective technology to contain the virus on many things that humans have to be in contact with daily.


Another example of innovation, beco a Mumbai based startup has been successfully in the installation of more than 1000 hands free-sanitizing stations. No rocket science or Ai technology is used behind this innovative startup it’s just the use of simple physics, it uses a steel rod to form structure,a platform where sanitizer is kept and down below a pedal operated by foot that does not require use of hands, this has made the startup growing rapidly in numbers and it is known that many units are already in production that are to be sent all across India. 

To conclude 

Even during the tough time like this there is a vast pool of opportunities just a smart mind and hard work is required and these startups are the epitome of innovation and hardwork that helped them create success while also helping the people that are facing a rough impact of the virus .


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