Three Things to consider while choosing the Packaging for your product

Boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right box for the product plays a major role in boosting its sales. Today custom boxes are the kings and queens of packaging industry. They make the product stand out. There are several factors to look out while selecting the packaging of the product. However, the three major factors are budget, material and packaging style. 

Determine the budget

The budget determines the volume, structure and material of the chosen box. The cost of custom packaging is highly dependent on the customization choices. Go for high-quality boxes. This helps to reduce labour cost. How so? The high-quality boxes are easier and quicker to build. Also, a good quality box gives better customer experience.

Explore the packaging material

The boxes come in different materials such as paper board, corrugated cardboard, rigid boxes, mailers. Choose the box based on the product to be packed in.

Paper board: This is the most popular type. It is also called folding carton. It is cost – effective. Flexible and easy to fold as compared to the other materials. It is best suited for light weight products. It allows wide customization options. Therefore, it is ideal to show – off the product! Studies show that 68% of customers prefer paper board packaging. Mainly because it is convenient to handle and is environment – friendly. 

Corrugated Carboards: They are durable. It is best for products that require extra protection. The corrugated structure in these cardboards acts as a cushion. They come in varied sizes and thickness. It allows options of printing. Certain corrugated cardboards are recyclable. 

Rigid boxes: These boxes are thick. They are paper- based boxes. They consist of chipboards. They are expensive. They bring in the air of luxury. They are ideal for smartphones, board games. 

Mailers: They are light weight boxes. They are used as flat laying envelopes. They are moisture resistant. And also protect the product against dust. They are made of polyethylene and are best suited to pack apparels, books and other non – fragile goods.

Compare packaging styles

There are wide range of packaging styles. Every style is unique in holding specific products. Here are some of the basic yet elegant packaging styles. 

Straight Tuck End: These boxes carry a front-end display. This is ideal for ergonomic products. Best suited for on store shelves. It is easily stackable. Both top and bottom of the lids are in the back of the box.

Reverse Tuck End: It is similar to straight tuck end. One of its sides is folded from back to front. The other side is folded from front to back.

Tuck end Auto Bottom boxes: The only difference is that these tuck end boxes come with a lock in the bottom. The box is locked without using glue or tape.

Display boxes: They are best suited for light – weight products such as medicines and snacks. They are cost – effective, unique and easy to assemble. It provides more surface area to promote the brand. It is narrative. It allows the seller to communicate with his or her customer.

Regular Slotted Boxes: These are the most common packaging boxes. They offer exceptional support. They are ideal for heavy products. They can be shipped flat. This makes it convenient to ship in bulk. 

Mailer Box: They are gaining immense popularity in online businesses. They are ideal to ship products overseas. 

Gable boxes: It is best suited to carry liquids, juice, milk. It is food – safe box. It comes with wax coatings. 

Carrier Packs: They are ideal to transport canned beverages. They usually come with six slots. 

There are other styles such as bubble mailers, poly mailers and kraft mailers. 



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