Tips for cleaning flat paint walls

Tips for cleaning flat paint walls

Flat paint is the most famous type of paint on walls to get a matte finish. Since it doesn’t reflect light, flat paint is good for hiding imperfections in walls and ceilings. But due to the matte effect, flat paint hides dirt and stains because it is smooth and clean-looking. Dingy walls never look attractive. To make it more appealing, it needs cleaning. Just remember, Flat paint walls need special treatment. The flat paint is delicate and needs gentle cleansing. Cleaning them can be a little tricky.

A cruel cleaning will only result in the removal of paint itself. Additionally scrubbing flat paint too enthusiastically could cause wear down, making for an unpleasant appearance. If you are finding it hard to clean flat paint from your walls. Understand the following steps to know how to clean walls with flat paints.

Collect your cleaning supplies

Before you go all in and starting wall cleaning, it’s important to remember that you will be cleaning flat paint on a vertical surface. Make sure your cleaning supplies hold up, make sure you have all of your supplies in order. These supplies include Sponge, warm water, vinegar, soap, towel, and touch-up paint. This can make it convenient for you to fully target specific areas before moving on to other dirty areas.

Remove Dust

Before cleaning your wall with any other cleaning product or water, it is a great idea to remove all the dust and debris that may be gathered up on your wall. You can use a dry towel, feather duster, or a broom over the area to remove dust.

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Use a Soft Sponge

You will use a soft sponge to apply both water and soap to your wall. Hard sponges make it easier to get around the corners, allowing the paint to dry faster. The drawback is that they can leave behind a lot of dust and make it harder to clean up. If you have flat paint or an adhesive spray for covering walls, use a soft sponge instead. Find a soft sponge to remove stains without removing paint. Some people believe that a dish-washing sponge-type sponge works best, but it also depends on your brand.

Use warm water

Before using a cleaning detergent on your wall, try to see if it can be cleaned with warm water. To wash your wall with warm water, use a gentle and circular motion.

Vinegar and Water: If warm water doesn’t remove the stains, try adding a few drops of vinegar to your water or even a minimal amount of eco-friendly detergent.

Dilute soap

If stains are not removed with warm water and vinegar, you can try them out by diluting soap and warm water for extra cleaning power. Be extra careful and do not apply soap directly to your wall. Cleaning products can be too harsh for your wall paint and may leave the soap color on the wall. The best types of soap you can use for this step are dish soap or laundry detergent.

Handle Problem areas

If stains and scrapes do not remove easily, take a slight amount of baking soda on a sponge and lightly rub the area. Baking soda may help to remove stubborn stains.

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Check the sponge frequently because you may see the paint color transferred to the sponge. Avoid rubbing hard because harsh Rubbing can leave a shiny spot on the wall or remove the paint entirely.


Do not forget to wash your wall with warm water after applying your soap solution to avoid residue or stickiness. Use long, vertical motions to cut down on the number of streaks: Pat the area, dry with a towel to ensure that your wall is completely washed. Remember not to scrub the paint when drying with a towel.

Touch-up Paint

A jar of touch-up paint may be useful now if nothing else has fully removed the stain. Flat paints are very easier to touch up than semi-gloss or satin. You want to make sure the paint on your wall is not worn out or dirty, so the places you are touching up will match perfectly after the touch-up paint has dried.

To wrap up

Homeowners wondering how to clean marks off walls with flat paint follow these steps, and they should know that the whole process is not that difficult. You can incorporate this into your home cleaning routine. According to daarons housekeeping if you follow certain steps and use specific products, you can make your wall look clean and neat as soon as possible. However, if these methods don’t work, then consider looking for professional cleaning assistance because a professional cleaning company will have the right knowledge, equipment, training, and experience to keep your home looking and feeling fresh and clean.

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