Top Ways to Download Hotmail Emails to a Hard drive

Top Ways to Download Hotmail Emails to a Hard drive

With more innovation in the industry, we can see it has become more important to have a complete backup of important files and folder irrespective of any email client. We can see new threats emerging like ransomware, apart from well-known threats like malware viruses or cryptocurrencies as well. So in this article, I will give you a complete fix to this problem by telling you How to download the Hotmail Emails to a Hard drive.

Hotmail (now integrated with Outlook) being the most popular yet underrated email client offers the various distinctive amount of features like better security features, chatting, data saving to the cloud, etc. These features indicate that Hotmail can be one of the best webmail service providers.

There have been some incidents of cybercrime (hacking ) which lead to the loss of important data.and in some scenarios, there may be a necessity to export inbox items from one email client to another. So it becomes more important to have the backup of Hotmail emails.

Top ways to download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Method 1

  1. Login to your accounts and open the email you want to download or backup.
  2. Go to the View message source option.
  3. Now on the page source press select whole code by Ctrl+A and then copy by Ctrl+C.
  4. Open the text editor and click on “create a new file”.
  5. Save that file with the information in the EML format giving any name. ( for example file1.eml)

Note: For MAC users the process is the same.

Another way:

To save your email source code in EML format directly you can follow these steps:-

  1. Go to file> save as at the email source tab.
  2. Rename the file with any name followed by EML extension.
  3. Now  save to a location

Note: You need to verify whether your browser is allowing you to save in .eml file or not because generally, they allow in .html or .htm format.

As we can see, there are various risks involved in this:-

  • It takes a lot of time to copy and paste individual emails and folders in an EML file.
  • Backup of the files can get corrupt which may lead to data loss.
  • You need to manually store it on a computer or hard drive religiously

Method 2

By using an automated tool that can successfully download Hotmail email into PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, AOL CSV, etc. Using a Hotmail Backup Software you will not only be able to backup email but also contacts, calendars, PPTs, etc.

Other benefits of using this method:-

  1. Allows you to save files in multiple formats in a faster and easy way.
  2. It can export you mailbox items directly to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc
  3. It can also allow downloading email in Word(DOCX or DOCM format) or image format( JPG, PNG, etc)
  4. Date range filter to selectively download some files or emails based on the time.
  5. This method is the same as others and allows you to do download in any version of Windows and MAC

Guide to using this method:

  1. After downloading the tool you need to add you email and password directly
  2. Also, make sure to Enable IMAP  by going into Hotmail settings.
  3. Give access to less secure apps in your account settings.
  4. Turn off the  2 step verification is off by going on Google account > Security
  5. Now after sign in choose the files and the format in which you want to save.
  6. Give a destination path and try any filter is you want such as the date range filter.
  7. Click on convert and your files will be at the desired destination.

Note: The process of exporting is also the same you just need to choose any other email client like Gmail in the software.


Converting Hotmail files in other formats can be the best option for you to be more secure as well as get a backup of important information. However, as we know speeding up the process would be more beneficial for anyone. So it would be good to go with any choice if you want only in one format. Also, these top ways to download Hotmail emails to a hard drive would be applicable and highly beneficial for everyone.


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