Understanding Marijuana through a Gaming Analogy

Understanding Marijuana through a Gaming Analogy

Video gaming and cannabis have quite a lot in common: they’re both activities people turn to relax after a long day. Weed and video games help people relax and pass their free time. They’re some people’s favorite hobbies, who have passionate opinions and debates about strains or game modes, which are the best strategies for rolling a perfect joint, or how to beat the hardest level.

Given many members of the gamer world enjoy marinating marijuana and video games, we thought it would be a good idea explaining the lifecycle of the autoflowering cannabis plant through a video game analogy. In fact, there are already some online games where you have to start your cannabis plantation and grow all the way to a professional cultivator.

Well, as fun as those games may sound, growing marijuana involves a few more complicated techniques than those portrayed in the games, so let’s dive into it.

Level 1

The first level for kickstarting a weed plantation is germinating your cannabis seeds. In order to properly germinate your seeds, you’ll need to apply some common germination techniques. These include the two plates and the glass methods, which are ideal for beginners; or growing on germination mediums or directly on soil for intermediate to advanced growers.

Level 2

Level 2 in the growing process of cannabis plants makes the vegetation phase. The vegetation phase of a marijuana plant, or any plant for its matter, is the part where the plant will grow to build its structure, one that’s strong enough to hold the flowers on the following phase.

It’s during this phase that you need to nail your game to really see some final result differences. For example, a beginner cultivator will likely have no clue on how to feed their plants and what are their necessary nutrients. In the meantime, expert-level growers are the ones who try advanced techniques such as defoliating autoflowering cannabis plants. To defoliate an autoflowering plant is a true risk but well worth it if done right: it consists of removing the plant’s excess leaves to increase its yields.

Furthermore, some main differences between beginner and expert growers reside in their use of technology along the growing process. Chances are beginners will engage in simple and easy growing methods, guided by their eye or hunches. Expert cultivators, on the other hand, will make use of advanced technology which, when combined with cannabis cultivation results in high-quality buds. These technology gadgets specialized for cultivation aid measuring pH levels to ensure the plant is absorbing its nutrients properly or helping to maintain a controlled and optimal environment for the plant. In the long run, the more control you have over the plant’s growth process, the better the final results will likely be.

Level 3

Level 3 would definitely make the flowering stage, the final couple of weeks in which the plant switches from vegetation and starts releasing and developing its flowers. This can vary on two main aspects: if the plant is photoperiodic then it will jump into the flowering stage when its light cycle balance is lower than 12/12 light-dark. Autoflowering marijuana plants on the other hand are a type of genetics that switch to the flowering stage independent of the light cycle they receive, usually after the 6th or 8th week, depending on the strain.

The number one mistake most new growers tend to make when they reach the final laps of their home plantation is missing the perfect harvesting time. There are quite a few signs that the plant will give you to let you know she’s ready for harvest. In summary, the plant will be ready for harvest when the buds are covered with 70% amber looking hairs called pistils all over their surface.

Last Words of Advice

When we’re surfing the web we all like to preserve this thing called privacy and beware of common internet threats. This same ‘cybersecurity’ is what you should try to achieve on your cannabis plants. This can mean two things. First, when you are planting marijuana, you must ensure that there are no external contaminations, such as bugs or mold, on your plants or it will take the level from medium/intermediate to hard/expert in a matter of minutes. Buy weed online.

Secondly, keep the planting operation to yourself. One frequent mistake new growers make is letting everyone know they’re planting weed at home. Don’t! Word spreads around faster than light so try to let only your close circle know about your cannabis plants to avoid any trouble.

Now that you’ve read the user’s manual it’s time to put your skills into action and start going up some levels! It’ll only take some practice to master your skills!


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