What Are the Differences Between a GHD Hair Dryer and an H2 Hair Dryer?

What Are the Differences Between a GHD Hair Dryer and an H2 Hair Dryer?
What Are the Differences Between a GHD Hair Dryer and an H2 Hair Dryer

Do you know the difference between an H2 and a GHD Hair Drier? Both are great hair dryers, but they’re made with slightly different purposes in mind. H2 is a little more expensive, but it offers many more features than the standard GHD style.

While both are designed to produce hair smoothness, the H2 has a wider selection of settings for styling. It has an adjustable heat control knob, a crown guard and a wide array of styling attachments. It also has a heated styling board that can be used at high heat settings for more time in a heated setting.

Features of GHD Hair Dryer

The GHD offers all of the same high quality, reliable features, but it also has a “duty cycle” dial. This allows users to set the power to operate in the low range or high range for maximum heat or easy drying. The GHD style also offers the unique ability to split its two wires into two separate wires for even more versatility.

Both styles offer the basic features that you’d expect from a good hair dryer. They have a temperature gauge that tells you how hot your hair needs to be. They have dual motors and high quality, durable housings that are built to last. The GHD models come with a warranty, while the H2 models only offer one year.

If you don’t need to control the temperatures, then the GHD is a better choice. The door offers heat control for those who want to control the amount of heat. The GHD also has a styling extension cord and a heat expansion port.

With the GHD Hair Dryer, you can get a nice close-up style without the use of side effects. The styling extension cord is designed to style up to four inches away from the hair piece. The styling extension cord is also designed to style a wide variety of hair textures and colors.

It has also been equipped with salon grade ceramic plates that are treated to withstand wear and tear. In addition, the stylers for both styles feature ceramic plates that can stand up to years of wear and tear. All of these add up to a stylish hairdryer, that’s really a practical addition to any hairdressing kit.

How to Use Hair Dryer?

If you’re looking for a style that’s going to look nice, but that isn’t quite as hot as the others, then the H2 style is the right choice. The hose gives you the option of using it to style dry hair or wet hair. You can use the hair dryer to style both wet and dry hair at the same time. This style features a heat adjustment knob that can be set to high or low-temperature settings.

A feature that has changed from the older versions of the style is the ability to set the angle of the hairdryer. Now, it has been designed to give you many different angles to choose from. All of the different angles of the style come with great angles that are designed to work on all hair types.

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The patented technology in the hairdryer lets you get all of the angles and a perfect, flat finish every time. The new features allow for you to have a style that looks great, that’s easy to use and that really has just one tool for all of your hairstyles. The H2 style offers very comfortable handgrips and easy to clean attachments.

If you’re searching for a style that provides everything from sleek, straight hairstyles to wild styles with a bit of added bang, then this style is it. The multi-pivot head is designed to produce amazing results when used with an angled wand or a straight razor. This style also features an automatic shut off feature that prevents hair loss caused by overheating.

It’s important to be able to get a great hair dryer for basic styling requirements. Whether you’re looking for an electric hairdryer, a bar-style hairdryer or a modern wet styling hairdryer, you’re sure to find the perfect GHD Hair Dryer with the GHD range.


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