What Are The Qualities Of Good Custom Hexagon Boxes?

What Are The Qualities Of Good Custom Hexagon Boxes?

Custom Hexagon boxes as the name suggests are boxes that are in the form of a hexagon. For those who don’t know what is a hexagon? It is an object with 6 sides. People often use them as attractive displays for various products. If you have ever gone to a bakery you might have seen some odd-shaped boxes on display. These boxes resemble a small ring or straightened circle.

The shape itself is unique on account of having six sides. This quality makes it particularly strong. Even in nature, the best natural formations are made up of small hexagons. This shape also has a relation to sweets as well. These boxes resemble the pattern of beehives. Which are shaped like hexagons? This cements its relation to sweets.

Speaking of bees, the hexagon boxes are a big hit in the honey trade. They are especially used as containers for delivering honey jars. Likewise, the other thing that comes to mind when talking about hexagon boxes is sweets. In particular, Candies and Chocolates. Many sweet manufacturers love the shape of the hexagon for their products.

The unique quality of the shape sets it apart from regular boxes. People see it and wonder about the shape of the box and what is inside the box. This is a great advertisement technique. Many manufactures use such boxes for advertising their products.

What Makes Them So Intriguing?

The shape itself is the first thing anyone notices when looking at the box. The main objective of any packaging for any product is to attract potential customers. This shape does exactly that. For example, when a customer looks at the box, they can’t help themselves. They want to know what is written and the box. They are intrigued by the images and the shape of the box.

The next thing to mention is the versatility of the shape. In rectangular boxes, you have limited potential. But in hexagon shape you have options. You can make a two-faced cylinder without any problem. You could even convert large boxes into smaller shapes by folding a few sides. That’s why the shape is perfect in any product.

So, is their only one type of hexagon? No, in nature hexagons are defined as any 6-sided object. You are free to develop a box for glass, mugs, and cups. It will look different from a box made for storing cookies or brownies. That is the versatility of the shape in other words that’s the beauty of the design. You can tailor the hexagon shape according to your own set of rules.

Is it Convenient and Safe?

If you put your product in a hexagon box, it will be safe. Also, the box is easily stackable. When the boxes are stacked on top of each other they share a unique trait. The shape of the hexagon makes them act like a single unit. Similarly, the shape keeps them from falling or deforming when stacked. This keeps the products inside completely safe and makes the boxes very easy to handle.

Are They Effective?

The answer is simple yes. If they weren’t effective people would have stopped using them. Instead, the demand has increased for more Custom Hexagon boxes. The shape gives manufactures a lot of room for creative thinking.

The other side of these boxes is the more general gift box appeal. People are tired of using rectangular boxes for gifts. This shape is something new and fresh that why it has so much popularity.

The last thing to mention regarding its effectiveness is that it is a multipurpose box. Meaning that You can design the boxes to be used as gift containers for all major festivals. You can order boxes for valentines’ chocolates. Others, order boxes for birthday surprises. Some people even use these boxes in place of wrapping paper when giving gifts to friends.

What are they made of?

The major components of these boxes are cardboard and Kraft. These are the two main materials, sometimes plastic is added to strengthen the boxes. But in most cases, you will see these two materials.

Both of the materials are easily recyclable and very economical. As a result, manufacturers don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. The material can be repurposed as a sell. After using the box people can strip off the left-over cardboard. They can make anything they want. The carboard in the boxes is designed to be tough and durable.

These boxes come in two different variations. The first is the windowless box and works just like a normal box. The second one has a small glass or plastic window. This is done to showcase the products inside the box. The second option is very popular for selling jewelry and luxury items. Also, Candy and chocolate manufacture use these types of boxes for their product endorsements.

Are they Better than Normal Boxes?

The answer is yes, economically there isn’t any difference. It takes the same amount of resources to produce both box types. The thing that sets them apart from the rest is the number of customizable options. You can change the color of the boxes. You can even change the shape of the boxes. They can be made to fit any product type.

Sometimes people even use different colors for all 6 sides. These combinations of unique options aren’t available in plain rectangular boxes. The shape adds more value to the box. Moreover, the value is also reflected in the sales performances of both boxes.

Final words

Try to incorporate all of the best qualities you can find in your perfect box. If you still have trouble finding the best box for your products. Try out claw’s custom boxes. We have the answer to all your packaging problems!


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