What Is A Customer Onboarding Video and Why Should You Care?

What Is A Customer Onboarding Video and Why Should You Care?

As a digital marketer, you will always try to find a strategy that can improve your business’ growth faster. Making content is one of the most effective tactics to generate customers from the internet. However, do you know that not every content is worth creating?

Especially if you’re working on attracting new customers while also retaining the existing ones, producing different content would drain you a lot. You need to make separate product content to keep your audience engaged throughout the journey with your brand.

This is exceptionally important because once your audience has no longer had interests in your brand, they can move forward to choose your competitors instead. Hence, keeping your potential customers under your belt is essential to ensure the longevity of your business.

To put it into perspective, there’s one engaging content that you can recreate in order to maintain your customers’ interest. It’s a customer onboarding video.

What is a customer onboarding video?

First of all, Customer Onboarding is an activity that helps you ensure potential customers continue the brand journey with you. You will guide them to understand the “why” for choosing your brand. This nurturing process allows customers to become aware of your product to use it to their advantage.

When they know your brand values, they will consciously enter your marketing funnel for the sake of getting more benefits. You won’t need to urge them to stay with you because they already know your worth.

It’s also important to note that customer retention is vital in keeping your business healthy. On average, businesses have lost around 75% of new customers within a week after conversion. In addition, about 40-60% of users with free trial accounts have been reported lost after the trial ends.

The data above implies that the company has failed in maintaining customers. This also suggests that the onboarding process isn’t engaging enough for the audience to stay with the respective company.

Reasons why you need to pay attention to customer onboarding videos

So, now that you understand how vital a customer onboarding process is for a business. Let’s dive in more to why you do need to make customer onboarding content with videos.

1. Videos capture attention faster

When presented with content like videos and articles, you won’t think twice besides choosing to watch videos instead. That’s because videos offer a quick, concise explanation that written content doesn’t.


Asking potential customers to engage with your onboarding process through a long-block post is a big no. They don’t have time to digest all the wordy sentences on your page. People will just quickly move on from it.

Videos, on the other hand, can attract their attention from the get-go. That’s why you should invest in using video content instead.

2. Videos spark engagement

With a video, customers can engage with the message much easier. Thanks to your stunning concept and appealing visuals, people are able to understand what you’re trying to convey in a short time.

Textual content, however, takes a long time for people to grasp its meaning. Sometimes, the wording isn’t for everyone to fully understand. That’s why some people will find it harder to read online articles than watching videos.

3. Video messages are concise

Using videos means that you put a visual and sound representation to help people get what you want to say. Since written text itself can be demanding for some people to understand, having images allows them to digest the information easily.

Fueled with a clear narration, viewers can then learn from visual representation and the voice-over at the same time. Narration is a game-changer for people who need human touch in presenting the information. With the additional audio, it feels like viewers get a direct guide from real people, making it much easier to follow the guideline.

4. Videos improve retention rate

The customer retention rate is critical in ensuring your business health in the long run. When you have newer customers entering your list while also losing the existing ones simultaneously, that doesn’t mean anything to your business.

Instead of getting a higher conversion initially, you’ll lose a huge amount of resources for acquiring customers. Put in mind that converting customers requires a higher cost than retaining them.

However, if you have created a system where generating customers last for a long time, you don’t need to worry about causing any loss. It begins with ensuring your potential customers through a thought-out onboarding process that can sustain them longer. Videos are great content to engage them as well as keep them stay in your brand.

Videos allow you to use tone and music to convey a message that your potential clients remember. Whether it is promoting a new product or a sale currently going on, emotion carries stronger in voice than text. Studies show that people prefer audiovisual ads because they require less thinking. Moreover, it is important to set the right mood from the very beginning. Film Impact Premiere Pro video transitions are a great way to help you with this. You can share these videos easily on social media sites or pay for television time slots.


Many marketers often ignore the importance of making an impactful customer onboarding process. Since the initial onboarding is vital for the longevity of your business, you need to ensure that you make the right content to keep your customers for a long time.

Having a too detailed, strict, and boring onboarding process is so old-fashioned. You need to make a change where potential customers can’t resist but continue to join with your bandwagon. This is why customer onboarding videos come in handy. The video will help you attract more customers and retain them to use your products longer.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


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