What is Trending technology in Android 2021?

What is Trending technology in Android 2021?

We can undoubtedly claim that the operating system of Android will make an unprecedented move. A good Android app development company will introduce trends that will assist you to earn great ROI.

You cannot deny that Android is the lion’s share in the mobile operating system. It is said this operating system holds an 85% market share. When we talk about mobile app development, Android gets major attention.

These types of mobile apps are not only known for their efficiency but also for a user-friendly experience. With the prominence and delivery of services and products, Android is evolving with recent technologies and trends.

Android Instant Apps

This technology is time-saving. It will assist you to check the app quickly without any categorial installation on the device. This will help to save time for the end-user and will assist in faster development. In short, these apps will save the user as they can save plenty of space on their device. They can use the app without downloading.

Game developers and e-commerce businesses are earning huge benefits from instant apps. These apps can help you to advertise your product and engage potential users.

Now, the user does not have to rush to Google search results. The user can get a synopsis of the app and instantly check the app. Even though to enjoy the full version they have to download the app.

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The smart technology: IoT

IoT is certainly a bright prospect that can benefit numerous businesses. This technology is certainly embracing Android app development.

IoT technology presently is earning prominence for:-

  • Sensors in smart home

IoT will track the temperature, lighting, security, gas leakages, etc.

  • Smart trackers for fitness

This tracker is empowered with gyroscope hardware, accelerometers, and GPS. It is used to track workouts, location, and movements.

  • Gadgets in smart homes

It can connect you to the fridge, microwave, and other appliances. Every device and appliance can be controlled by using a mobile app or voice assistant.

  • IoT industrial 

IoT can be used to prevent maintenance and track the flow of production. You can check the statuses, stats, and analytics via Android apps.

  • Logistics and transportation

You can track the route to trace the product. You just have to scan the barcode which would be on the label.

The intelligent technology: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The technologies of AI and ML are widely accepted for Android app development. They have underpinned digital solutions. This includes automation, chatbots, voice assistants, processing of big data, etc. You can implement these technologies in your Android apps. These types of business apps can assist the business with a positive impact.

For instance, it can:-

  • Improve the recommendation of the user.  This is as per the user’s preference.
  • Enhance the configuration of filters for eCommerce sites.
  • Automate the conventional tasks. This includes sending reminders and messages. It also helps to classify the tickets as per the topic.
  • Customize the Android apps as per the preference of the clients. Thus, will easily assist you to attain connections with the users. This includes planning the layout of the app, special discount provisions, etc.
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The superlative technology: Blockchain

This technology is evolving at a faster pace. It has totally changed the process of the financial sector. As per the prediction, it will revolutionize the leading financial sectors.

Numerous finance-related organizations and banks are already implementing this technology. PayPal is already experimenting and enhancing its business.

Facebook is already into Blockchain technology. It is termed Crypto.

Apart from that, this technology can be employed to build decentralized apps. This can guide you in the progress of your business operations. This can be done transparently and prevent any illegitimate access. Hence, the business apps can be highly secure.

The declarative technology: MotionLayout

MotionLayout is the bridge to gap the complex motion and layout transitions. It can assist you with widget animations and manage motion. This can extend you to combine the features. It can be between Coordinator Layout, TransitionManager, and the property framework of animation.

The superlative technology is a support library and is adaptable to API level 14. They are declarative completely. It describes the transitions in XML.

In a nutshell!!

Every year we come across new ideas, trends, and innovations. This drastically changes everything.

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