What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO

What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO
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Those who are looking for SEO services confuse by industry terminology. Because of this, they may feel apprehensive about hiring SEO services. Here, we’ll talk about some more intimidating terms and the difference, so you develop confidence. Some terms that are the most common are Black Hat and White Hat SEO, Backlinks, and Page Ranking.


Backlinks, you see every day when you surf the web. They’re hyperlinks that you see in blue or another color and the anchor text, which is a word or phrase underlined. When you click on them, they take you away from the original piece, you’re reading to another piece of information.

Page Ranking

Page Ranking is how you show up in Google and other search engines.

Black and White Hat SEO is something a bit deeper, so let’s concentrate on that now.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

We do not recommend these, but there’re many agencies and even freelance agents offering such tactics. Here’s how to recognize this and why it’s dangerous to your business. We won’t get too technical so you can understand this without overwhelm.

Black Hat SEO is taking part in tactics that break search engine rules, like Google, which is the leader and king of the internet. If they ban you, then you won’t get seen and will be out of business. This results from using these tactics.

Some of those actions are keyword stuffing to rank higher with an inordinate amount of keywords or spinning content, which is a form of plagiarism; they will catch all of which and get your website banned. The process of reinstatement, if they allow you, is painful. You’ve then invested a ton of money to have it all destroyed.

So, why do people go for this? Two reasons. One: ignorance of the practices used and the result. Two: The initial results can give a business a false sharp climb. By the time it dives, the agency has its money and the business owner left to clean it up and maybe employing another professional to do it for them.

The better choice is an agency that’s professional and uses only White Hat SEO techniques.

White hat is so much more effective. Not only in the way of being short-term effective but long term. It’s the quality that counts. What does that look like? That means there are both long and short-tail keywords used in the appropriate places and not too often. The key is to not front or backload keywords, meaning that Google doesn’t like it when your paragraphs begin or end with a keyword or keyword phrase. The keyword should sound natural and be relevant to the subject.

Content spinning as we mentioned before is something happening and is one of the number one causes for penalizing a website by Google. That means you’ve stolen content from a competitor and changed a percentage of the words. There is software that will do that for you, and it’s an obvious thing to catch on to.

They do not use repeat content in White Hat SEO techniques. If you want to drive traffic to the website, have quality and engaging content that is easy to consume and share. This is the natural way to grow and stay on the search engines. When people love your content, it shows in your numbers. Using the appropriate social media and other resources is how to do this. Sure, it may take a bit more time, but you’ll gain better traction and stability.

Web content should also be fresh and new and relevant to the blog or website direction. If you have content in more than one place, make sure you don’t share the same exact piece everywhere.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple. When hiring a white hat SEO agency like Noria, it’s a confidence builder. Hire a company that only deals with White Hat SEO procedures and helps your company to grow with no unpleasant surprises. A company that knows your industry needn’t deal with black hat or any other tactic that’s a threat to your hard-earned business.


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