When to use auto-comments on Instagram

When to use auto-comments on Instagram

Marketing automation trend continues to grow and its impact can be seen in almost all areas of digital marketing. However, implementing these automation strategies can be hard. You can end up on either of two opposite sides; losing the human touch and relying entirely on marketing automation or pretending that it doesn’t exist and allow all its benefits to slip away.

Therefore, the stance you take will be seen in the way you manage your Instagram account and interact with your followers. One of the best ways to automate your Instagram account is to use auto-comments. This post discusses when to use auto-comments on Instagram.

Automated replies

Automated replies on media platforms can resemble autoresponders that you find from emails. These can be triggered when someone interacts with you or leaves a comment with specific words.

The idea is that no comment that has certain criteria is ignored. This improves the interaction between your brand and your customers and offers a better experience for your customers and followers. With automated replies, response times improve and you can automate answering generic questions.

When it comes to automatic replies on Instagram, remember that they only appear on your profile to react to current follower engagements, and you can set specific rules for their performance. Setting up an automated response doesn’t mean you should automatically follow other people or post anything to other profiles.

Besides, you can take various actions you can do by setting up auto-moderation rules rather than just replying, deleting spam Instagram comments. But it’s not a good idea to follow anyone or send them direct messages.

Instagram comments

The advantages of automated messages

No doubt, an Instagram comment bot can take the weight of tasks off your shoulders. They can also increase your time and cost-efficiency. For businesses, auto-comments can build a positive brand image, especially when you provide your followers with a timely and positive reaction from your business.

This should happen immediately after your followers interact with your content so that their positive feelings towards your brand should be rein-forced. With auto-comment, your brand can respond quickly to specific reactions on Instagram to keep your followers engaged.

Another benefit of auto-comments on Instagram is that it delivers great customer service. Doing a manual moderation of your Instagram account can be overwhelming considering that you need to address each comment coming from your followers. Keep in mind that your customer service team needs to spend more time handling more challenging cases and providing an excellent customer experience.

\many inquiries from customers on Instagram end up going unanswered, so make sure that your business doesn’t neglect its customers. The best way to interact with your followers is through auto-comments which can answer some of their questions or queries.

You see, auto-comments can help your team find some spare time to handle other pressing issues affecting your brand. If you have many followers, it means that you may have a lot of comments from your followers. Therefore, you can use Instagram auto-comments to interact with your followers to ensure that they don’t feel neglected.


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